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ARPG with monster pets? Cut right to my heart why don't you? :3

I played a bit of the demo and so far it is a lot of fun! The controls get me a bit. A lot of times I'll roll or open the menu when I want to attack, and I rarely use anything except my C weapon because the others seem to far away to be worth the trouble. Is there controller support implemented or planned? Because I think being able to map my own controls to a controller will alleviate a lot of that.

Additionally I had a lot of trouble with feeding my monsters. For some reason taking things out of my ring inventory is really inconsistent, and I have to do the button input several times before it works (hold x, hold direction, hold z, release x). Additionally my Nokobo and Canvulf run around so erratically that once I actually have the food, it's difficult to feed it to them, and even more difficult to feed a particular one. The Canvulf is especially difficult, because its food hitbox is really small, and presumably only on the side of its body where its head is. So when it's running around me (typically up and down) I have no chance of hitting it. I've taken to sending all of my other creatures back to the reserve, petting my Canvulf to get it to stay still, then chucking the food at its face (which still goes right past it most of the time). Please make it easier to feed dog. T_T

Another nice QOL change would be sound effects for equipping things, and some sort of indication of what is currently in your armor or accessory slots. I wasn't sure if removing my armor from my ring menu would keep it equipped, didn't realize that there was an armor slot separate from the accessory slots, and equipped my gloves a bunch of different times before I realized it had worked (because the indicator is pretty small).

Some glitches I found:

- Creatures that aren't in the top/first slot won't always follow you. The stronger creatures seemed ok but the bats and beps liked to wander more.

- Sometimes a creature that isn't in the top slot will seem to disappear? They'll come back if you change screens once or twice but it can be disconcerting.

-Hitting a tree with an axe keeps you from cutting grass in the same swing. Not sure if this is intended but it confused me at first.

-EDIT: There's also this graphical glitch on the bestiary if you move the cursor around. I found it on the bat page I think:

Anyway, I'm really excited to see where this game goes! I'll have to see if I can swing the funds to back the kickstarter, but if not I'll still keep an eye out for this project. Local co-op would make this a MUST for me and my SO, even if it's just letting a buddy control one of the creature friends. Good luck with the Kickstarter and development!


Thanks for checking out Creature Keeper! There is controller support in the current version of the demo. It is a little confusing to activate it though, all you have to do is just use it and the game should automatically switch to controller inputs.

Also in the same build, if you take out some food, it should make all the creatures near you stop moving for a few seconds, but that's only when you take food out from your item ring. It's something I'll definitely improve on over time!

Thanks for pointing out the sfx on assigning accessories! I just added them in Demo1, and have probably missed some feedback ques.

The pathfinding system for the creatures still has a ways to go. They do move very erratically, and I need to fix it so that they are more chill outside of battle