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Very cool!

I should add that I love the hero characters with their portraits and little descriptions, very cute!

It's interesting. Took me a few tries to grasp it. Another kingdom was able to get past my line with an outpost and fill up the spots I'd been saving, so I had to set the other side of the map on fire to get barely enough room to build a park for the win. I started getting in the habit of filling my empty spaces with gems so that no one could take them. But because of this I wasn't really able to convert my farms and ateliers to cities. I find planning ahead what to put where to be pretty daunting, especially since the requirement for cities is a very exact number of buildings. It might be nice to be able to build over your own structures as your needs change.

I am. Not really sure how to play this game. It kind of seems like you wait until your rival does their AOE on the group of "fans" and then you do yours shortly after. Except I still lost so idk, maybe I was missing something. You did say it was old though, so maybe that's it.

Playing on Windows, and I like it so far! Unfortunately I ran into a bug where immediately after unlocking joy, I can't leave the room to the right. There is just no transition and then I end up eventually popping up in the middle of the room again.

👀👀👀 Excited for it!!

I can't quite understand it (or I probably could with great difficulty) but I think it's very cute that this was inspired by a young kid in your life. Does Alessandro know about Yoshi? Yoshi definitely seems like a dinosaur but is maybe a bit too friendly and cartoony compared to the "real" dinosaurs. However I think it's interesting that Yoshi is kind of caught in the middle as a member of both "teams".

This was one of our favorites back on the Ouya, so I'm happy to see it available here!! I used to love to watch folks play it.

this is a really cute character maker / dressup game, I love the mix of cute, creepy, and grotesque elements. Definitely gonna come back to this one for future characters! I’d love to see some a front-hair option that looks like a mane of feathers, maybe without the head-wings 👀

If you really want to shoot the moon, I’d love like a “quick palette” of colors you’re using elsewhere so it’s easier to make things match and have a coherent color scheme. And as a crazy bonus, what if the different elements could remember what “quick palette” slots they’re looking at, so that if you change the color in that slot you can adjust the color of multiple elements at once :0

I'm mildly interested in why you're moving from Ren'py to Unity. Better multiplatform support? More support for other gameplay types? Something else?

This is genius. In a few months the market will be flooded with copycat word-packs, mark my words.

Ohh the Legacy aspect sounds really cool, I def would want to find a friend to play with me!

This premise is buck-wild and I love it, hopefully will get around to playing it 👀

Most tabletop games I've actually played I would consider "spreadsheet-required", at least for me. And I've genuinely enjoyed them! I'm actually kind of mad that the default for D&D 5e (at least in AL) is paper sheets. As soon as you have to use one number to calculate more than one other number, I want it on a spreadsheet. I don't wanna have to do that at the table; social anxiety will freeze up my brain so fast it'll be a nightmare for everyone. And forget about looking up spells in a book at the table. Anyway sorry to rant on your page here, def gotta check this out when I'm back at a PC.

I'm happy to see a Dragonball game that's not just a fighting game, so I wish I could rate this higher. Unfortunately it's waaay too hard. I lost slowly and painfully on easy mode. This is one that you pretty much have to win right away, because if you slow down even a little your progress is lost pretty much instantly, which makes it frustrating and tiring.

Some improvements (aside from just lowering the difficulty) might be:

 - Break the bar into segments, and make it so that you have to click X amount of dragonballs in Y amount of time to progress 1 segment (moving your kamehameha a little closer to Cell). Then make it a lot harder to lose progress/go backwards a segment than to gain it/go forwards a segment.

- Some sort of visual warning before the dragonballs disappear. I do like that they get smaller, but it's tough to tell exactly when they are small enough that they're going to disappear. You lose a lot of valuable time if you go for dragonballs that disappear before you can click 'em, so some sort of visual flash or color change right before they're set to disappear would help a lot!

- This is more of a personal thing and might not suit what you're going for, but I have a MUCH easier time finding keys on a keyboard than waving my mouse hand around to click all of the places (I occasionally have wrist trouble from Too Much Computer). You could potentially make a version of this game where you press a corresponding key on the keyboard to pop a particular dragonball instead of clicking it with a mouse. Maybe even make it a typing game with lines from the show or manga. Just a thought.

This could be a fun little game with the right tweaks! Best of luck to you!

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I forgot about that "feature," thanks for catching it! You can change it in the game.ini file (either set "confirm game exit" to 0 instead of 1, or just delete the ESC in there because even when it's set to confirm, it just closes if you press ESC in fullscreen @.@ ) Should have changed it myself before uploading.

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Solid little Undertale horror game! The controls and UI were really polished; you nailed the Undertale feel in that department. The only thing that didn't seem quite right was that the "bullet" effects would sometimes stick around a moment after the window had closed, but that's real minor. My favorite part was how the heart and menu slowly paled and turned blue, and slowed. I felt that the attack patterns lasted a bit long in the beginning of the fight, especially for how easy they generally were to dodge; it might have been cool to have them start fairly short, and lengthen slowly over the fight as winter bears down on you more and more. It also took me out of it a little bit that there was pretty much no agency from the start of the fight; it clued me in right away that nothing I did mattered? It might have been a little bit more effective for me personally if there had been something that seemed like it was doing something in the beginning, only to be revealed that it actually hadn't? Though it might be tough to do something like that without it being frustrating. I get it's a trope of this genre of fangames though so it's not a huge deal. Overall it's a solid game and my criticisms here are small nitpicks. Good job!

Thank you very much! This game was made in SRPG studio, so the "hard parts" (eg. base "Fire Emblem"-style gameplay) were done already; I implemented the pokemon type system, items, moves, stats, etc. It definitely is way too hard, I was tweaking the difficulty the night before the due date and eventually had to go to bed @-@ I don't mind whether or not you upload your video to youtube, but if you want to play a more polished game in the same engine you can check out my other project Twelve Tikis! Thanks for playing!

The random movement of the shy guys was a little bit annoying but I just brute-forced it, it's fine

I like to imagine that Toadette had a surprise party for Toad planned for 12:01 and wasn't gonna cancel it night-of.

Had to play when I saw Star Fox. I'm generally not a huge fan of shmups but this was short and sweet, with cute graphics and a catchy soundtrack. Minor nitpick in that the exit button on the end screen doesn't do anything, but I don't even know what I would have it do. Solid game!

Seconding the feeling of icy controls. I did figure out the dash (after I was ready to close the game and happened to glance at the instructions again), but that still leaves the controls feeling very slippery. I think the biggest issue for me was that the camera felt very zoomed-in, so it seemed like once I was going at a decent speed I didn't have any time to react to the platforms. In the original Sonic games, the camera is zoomed out enough that you can usually see the entire arc of Sonic's jump without the camera moving, and it only follows him up or down if he goes high enough, like if he's on a spring or rolls up a ramp. Giving Sonic a shorter jump and making the platforms a little smaller would be a great start, as well as tweaking the movement speed and accelleration. The game jam was a very short timeframe and getting platformer controls to feel satisfying takes a lot of tweaking. If you're passionate about platformers, I hope you'll keep working at it!

Loved seeing Zelda in the three different styles. Very cute!

Blinx, my boy. My son. (Def gotta try this)

I also got the itch email key error, but the updated version is still on my download page! I think as long as the updated version is uploaded here and not on a separate product page, we should be able to access it if we already own a copy!

Believe it or not a very similar concept has been on my mind lately, so I'm definitely going to check this out! 👀

Hi I love this. The combination of tiny joke/prank -> wholesomeness is chef's-kiss-level perfection.

Very cute! I was able to find a few bugs, the worst of which is that the skeleton-key sprout usually didn't spawn, so I got stuck on that bit for a VERY long time x.x But overall I liked it!

Short and sweet! It took me a few tries to understand everything but in the end I liked it!

Very good and addictive clicker game!

Cute! It was a bit sad that they kept dying before I could finish all of the races, but I was able to beat the final race on the third pet! I didn't quite like that speed seems to be the best stat to raise, because clicking so much is kind of annoying to do. But other than that I liked it!

Thanks, maybe I'll try again!

Atmosphere is really good. The flashing lights warning really spooped me, I was super paranoid for a jumpscare the whole time and had to stop partway through, take an ice cream break, and turn off the flashing lights even before they came up. After a certain point when things started getting REALLY [], I wasn't sure what to do anymore. Though I got something to happen once at that point, I wasn't sure if there was anything else or if that was it, so I quit.

It's simple but polished, which is nice because it can be tough to pull off the polish in Unity imo. Nice job. :3

Thanks for making this!

I know you're probably not concerned with compatibility for Windows 7, but I thought I should post nonetheless. I'm running on Windows 7 and I have difficulty running and jumping at the same time (if I press down the run key, the jump key *usually* doesn't work; it will sometimes but is completely unreliable). Because of this I can't get past 2-1. I've tried on both Firefox and Chrome so I'm pretty sure it's not a browser issue. Other than that I really like this game!

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ARPG with monster pets? Cut right to my heart why don't you? :3

I played a bit of the demo and so far it is a lot of fun! The controls get me a bit. A lot of times I'll roll or open the menu when I want to attack, and I rarely use anything except my C weapon because the others seem to far away to be worth the trouble. Is there controller support implemented or planned? Because I think being able to map my own controls to a controller will alleviate a lot of that.

Additionally I had a lot of trouble with feeding my monsters. For some reason taking things out of my ring inventory is really inconsistent, and I have to do the button input several times before it works (hold x, hold direction, hold z, release x). Additionally my Nokobo and Canvulf run around so erratically that once I actually have the food, it's difficult to feed it to them, and even more difficult to feed a particular one. The Canvulf is especially difficult, because its food hitbox is really small, and presumably only on the side of its body where its head is. So when it's running around me (typically up and down) I have no chance of hitting it. I've taken to sending all of my other creatures back to the reserve, petting my Canvulf to get it to stay still, then chucking the food at its face (which still goes right past it most of the time). Please make it easier to feed dog. T_T

Another nice QOL change would be sound effects for equipping things, and some sort of indication of what is currently in your armor or accessory slots. I wasn't sure if removing my armor from my ring menu would keep it equipped, didn't realize that there was an armor slot separate from the accessory slots, and equipped my gloves a bunch of different times before I realized it had worked (because the indicator is pretty small).

Some glitches I found:

- Creatures that aren't in the top/first slot won't always follow you. The stronger creatures seemed ok but the bats and beps liked to wander more.

- Sometimes a creature that isn't in the top slot will seem to disappear? They'll come back if you change screens once or twice but it can be disconcerting.

-Hitting a tree with an axe keeps you from cutting grass in the same swing. Not sure if this is intended but it confused me at first.

-EDIT: There's also this graphical glitch on the bestiary if you move the cursor around. I found it on the bat page I think:

Anyway, I'm really excited to see where this game goes! I'll have to see if I can swing the funds to back the kickstarter, but if not I'll still keep an eye out for this project. Local co-op would make this a MUST for me and my SO, even if it's just letting a buddy control one of the creature friends. Good luck with the Kickstarter and development!