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So I was playing through Chester's route recently and ran into a weird bug. The day after MC was jumped by Vernon, he told Richard about what happened, but then on day 29 they have the conversation again like it never happened?

I figure there's supposed to be some other conversation with Richard here if they had it earlier in the route? I haven't seen anyone mention this (though I might just be late on the uptake since I haven't kept up with the updates for a while) so I figured I'd bring it up.

I guess not talking to Richard about it earlier was the default choice.

If this is a bug report (haven't read because of spoilers), please read the FAQ, as DyneWulf has stated time and time again to NOT post bug reports on this page as he already has them fixed on the Patreon version (which is 2 version ahead of the ones posted here).

If this is, in fact, not a bug report. Disregard this message.