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Where is it? I haven't been able to find it.

Don't worry, you can get Bernie back in the next update.

There are even some... benefits to that route with Bernie.

you can buy the blue and green essences from the Witch in the swamp at night. They aren't too expensive. Go mining for diabosite a couple of nights and sell it to Blake and you'll be able to load up your inventory.

After you've built up his affection high enough and have gone hunting with him enough to at least share the bed, you can talk to him about the hot springs. After you bring it up he will invite you meet up with him Saturday and Sunday evenings (and yes, you will see him nude).

You can only get those if you're in version 18.0. Version 17.0, while it has the location and recipe, doesn't allow you to meet the Alpha to get the fluids.

The forest path that opens up after you defeat Scar in the Bandit Camp.
You must have read about it in the book at home first, though, otherwise you won't recognize it as a useful plant and ignore it.

The relationship bonuses from helping Logan stop after a certain point. I don't know if it's a threshhold or an amount earned from that, though.

It's 17.1.
The notes are from 17.0 because that's when all the big changes were made. The 17.1 is minor fixes of the new content that wasn't working quite as well as it should have at launch of 17.0.

If I don't talk to Jester about getting a regular supply run until after Bernard is lost in the woods, is there any way to complete that quest? I assume it would be Bernard who finishes it, but Rose doesn't seem to do anything for it.

Do you think he really cares about his wife anymore on the corrupted route?
He's too busy looking for cocks to ride to waste time on her.

Before you can show it you have to talk to to barkeep Harold at the Tavern. Go there again and maybe you'll have the option to talk to him again.
If not, in the next update you'll be able to get planks without Logan (although I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to see him everyday).

I've used it on bandits to improve their relationship rather than submitting to them and having them take my gold.

I believe he's said he plans for 35 days for each route.

I assume you're playing on Android. You have to download an app that will replace the native keyboard, as the Android keyboard doesn't work with Renpy well.

Pretty sure only the current customization of hair and skin color are going to be allowed. Otherwise it's way too many variables for the sex scenes.

You can also throw love potions at the bandits during combat to make them like you more (unless that's been changed).

You have to visit the track at night to see Scar and Gunnar talk to each other.

It's the 16th of every month, except last month, which was announced.

There's a lot more to Darius than meets the eye, but he's scared of getting too close to someone and having an actual relationship. He tried before and it ended badly for him (and the other guy) over a misunderstanding. Most of his attitude is overcompensation for lack of real intimacy, and it takes a lot of patience to break through his barriers (he has a route about the same length as everyone else, but has yet to have an actual sex scene).

That information is given at character creation, so the easiest way to find out is to start a new game.

You have to advance the bandit camp story line to the point where their leader leaves.

I guess not talking to Richard about it earlier was the default choice.

I think Hyao has sad that branch won't ever allow for romancing Logan. You'd need to go back to the bandit attack on the town and convince Logan not to go after the Bandits (he'll still tell you where their camp is) and then later work with him to shore up the town's defenses.
You can't do much more than that, but eventually Hyao will put in romance options that follow that route.

You need 2 Heat Occasia to make 1 Spectral Syrup. If you don't understand the description for how to make Heat Occasia, you can talk to the Lizardwoman Priestess, she knows the exact recipe.

Most don't have repeatable methods to increase affection yet, it's a work in progress. Right now I think only the shopkeeper and the guy at the springs have those.  

Both scenes are random "encounters" when exploring the appropriate areas. The Bandit Masturbation scene happens at night in the Bandit Camp when you're sneaking in.
The Wererat scene happens in the basement of the Tavern in Bareshade after you've encountered the wererat as an enemy for the first time.

Hyao, can you put a link for the recipes in the description above? That way we won't have to scroll through the comments to find it if we lose our bookmark.

You have to visit the bandit camp at night and try to sneak in until you've spoken with Jester a few times.  You also need to run into the caravan on the Track, talk to the Bartender about the guard, and visit the Track at night after.

Oh, and if you need to lower your Bitch score (the Hero score only goes so high at the moment), if you've already become a regular bitch for the caravan guard(s) at the track, go to the track, take a break until the guard tries to get you to suck him off, but tell him no because there's too many people around. That lowers your Bitch score, and from my experience is repeatable. If you haven't yet become a regular bitch for the guard, you can take the steps at the Track to do that since it will unlock the method for lowering you Bitch score, it won't matter that it will raise it in the process.

You can always save it, slip him the potion and see the scene, then reload it.

It's based on your Hero vs Bitch score for Bareshade.
If your Hero score is higher, you will top him, if your Bitch score is higher, he will top you. Not sure how it works if they're equal.

I hope that in Darius' sex scene, he'll bottom to prove that he truly cares for the MC, not hanging with him to be another conquest.

You can brew and slip him a Love Potion to have a sexual encounter with him, but you will lose affection afterwards.

I thought it was dependent on which is higher: your bitch or hero fame in Bareshade, not whether you are a top or bottom.

Yes, there definitely is. Not sure which options are required, but I made sure to of course encourage the comparison, but also to encourage risky public behavior.
Also spied on Spencer changing, so maybe you gotta prove MC is keen on seeing other men?

Eric is the cannon name for the character you control in-game.

Is there a way to top Chester on day 28, or is it always gonna be bottoming or frotting in that scene?

I'm hoping if we play as Hero tops we get to train some lizard warriors to be submissive not only to MC, but also to their brethren.

Pay the big toll? I'd rather repeatedly fuck the big troll.

I'm just hoping we get some art work for the scenes where you buy his services for the night.
Both versions, please.
I've seen some other games where they use a "shadow" figure to represent the MC since he can look like anything, that way no one says he has the wrong skin color or hair color or whatever.