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it's a great game as one would expect. little typos like "appruptly" as opposed to "abruptly".

stable description may have a little bug where it mentions south as the exit. some objects can be picked up more than once.

currently stuck on the 2nd bit after finding all of the things. can it be progressed from here? can't use any objects atm.

EDIT: on the move again. loving this game

Thank you very much for getting lost in Rabenstein :) 

You're referring to typos in plural. Could you please be a bit more precise, since you already noticed them? That would help a lot. I've already updated "abruptly" and the stable description. I'm planning to push a new release later today.

Could you explain "can be picked up more than once"? Is that a hint for other players telling objects are usable at more than one occasions, or do you mean you may pick up the same object twice, referring to a bug? If a bug, I would also need to know the objects so I may check the game logic around them. 


I thought I had seen a typo related to "building" as well but can't find it anymore.

the bucket can be used and then found again. and then be carried to the 2nd part of the game.

oh good to know. That's not intended. I'll fix that now and then push the new version later today!

which version will be on the physical copies?

Well, if you follow the link to PolyPlay, you see for which systems you can order. On the SD cards, there will be every version in addition

sorry i should have said "revision" instead of version. Will it be the final revision after changes such as the adventurer brings up?

ah - small typo in "libary" as opposed to "library". "apparation" instead of "apparition"

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fixed, thank you so much for your support!