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ah - got it. finished. "You have won the game". Nice!

have a bell. light is on. rang it in places but stuck after all of that.

stuck atm :(

ah - small typo in "libary" as opposed to "library". "apparation" instead of "apparition"

I thought I had seen a typo related to "building" as well but can't find it anymore.

the bucket can be used and then found again. and then be carried to the 2nd part of the game.

And finished. Beautiful game!

(1 edit)

it's a great game as one would expect. little typos like "appruptly" as opposed to "abruptly".

stable description may have a little bug where it mentions south as the exit. some objects can be picked up more than once.

currently stuck on the 2nd bit after finding all of the things. can it be progressed from here? can't use any objects atm.

EDIT: on the move again. loving this game

Awesome! Finished now. Very nice.

I moved all the objects to the hall. if one needs to use the dog to dig then it doesn't seem to be possible to get it there. if we need a branch or something then nothing either. if the hall door needs to be unlocked then there's no object or object description that can help do that.

if you use a different browser can you finish the game as is? because I'm thinking we may have different versions and we're playing an old one.

I didn't. have tried all the objects in the game afaics and no luck so far. also examined everything so far. I even pet the dog :)

yea - I'm also stuck. has anyone finished it yet?