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Fun times. Thanks for putting this together. 

i have zero of these issues. Might be your rig. 

If only i could get the spec next I backed on kickstarter....

Sounds good. Thank you!

Any chance you get a digital version if you buy the physical?

The premise looks pretty interesting

This looks very interesting. It showed up in an email from itch.

Sorry if my sense of humor didn't come through. Not upset at all. The parcel service was like $25 US i think at the time so i just went with the cheaper option. Good things come to those with patience. 

So...funny story...I ordered a physical copy of this back on March 9th 2020 and today it arrived. Better late than never! haha

Thanks for that. That was a great story. 

can you tell me how to collect the blood?

Looking forward to a physical release. Well done

Just wanted to come back and say i really enjoyed this. I found the commands needed to be tough to guess. I was correct in what to do but I wasn't typing it the right way. More generic commands such as "use X" didn't seem to work as much as i thought they would. Great story. 

Hi there, are you planning on any more physical copy runs for your games?

Thanks Davide. I wasn't able to get to work so i have run it on my c64 and its going well. I like the look of the font in that version.

i'm  having an issue getting the rom to run in openmsx. What does it mean in the instructions "to be loaded from address 0x4000"?

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this is great. going to get a physical copy soon. The contents are impressive.

any chance of this going on PC? or can this be used in an emulator?

I'm diggin that music

some people are insatiable

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just got done playing this. had a great time with it. I often think about the subject you've presented and its a plausible possibilty in my mind. I've never done a text adventure before but it was a great intro for me. Looking forward to your others. 

I like that rain effect

sorry i should have said "revision" instead of version. Will it be the final revision after changes such as the adventurer brings up?

which version will be on the physical copies?

no problem. Thank you.

How long before downloadable versions are released typically?