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I liked the melee attack chain, felt much more polished compared to the ranged attack. Also, this may have been unintended, but since the first attack in the chain moves you a bit, if you jump forward and then punch you go much further.

The ranged attack was kind of hard to use because you don't have any control over your jump height, and all the enemies (particularly the eyes) are off the ground. Visually, I think the larger ranged attack needs to be much larger -- it's kind of hard to differentiate between the small and large attack, especially because the projectiles move pretty quick.

I liked the crow enemies, but I think the eyes were hard to deal with. I couldn't tell if they were only hittable when the eye was open because there wasn't much visual feedback for them. I ended up skipping that whole room because I couldn't deal with them too well.


Glad you noticed the jump attack! That was actually intentional; not sure if it will stay or not, but it's one of the "hidden"(read: unfinished) features. Another is that you can dash if you double tap and hold in a direction. I wanted to pair that with the punch for a power-hit, but didn't get to it.

Your comments on the ranged attacks are very helpful. I did intend for them to be much weaker, but perhaps I went overboard. I wanted to encourage melee, but maybe a better way would be to increase both the damage/impact and in turn increase the power cost. Also, this project was way over-scoped for time I had... part of the intention was Castlevania style ranged weapon choices, so this would have been the worst of the lot. I still may add that system in the future.

The eyes/seals need a rework, your feedback has made that clear! I want the combat to be enjoyable, and they are not achieving that goal as it stands.

 Expect to see more of this in the not so distant future! Though I may dabble back into WGJs sometimes for variety. Thanks for taking the time to play, your feedback is always very helpful! I hope to see you around as the project continues. :)


Nice update :)

Definitely finding that the uppercut is just too good not to use for pretty much everything, especially the boss. I still find that due to the vertical placements of a lot of enemies, the ranged attack/ground punch are less effective. I did have a much easier time with the crows this time around and could actually land normal punches on them.

Not sure if I'm just blind, but I completely missed the actual boss the first time I tried it and wasn't sure what I was trying to kill. Once I actually saw him I was at pretty low health and had to retry. Once I realized what I was up against the strategy was pretty much just follow him with uppercuts, and then for the second form I just stood there and took it while normal punching. Might want to make that second form more dangerous, knock you back or something similar so the player can't just facetank it


Thanks for checking out the update! I agree that the uppercut is probably the most useful attack in this version. I do intend to have ground-type enemies in future levels, so once I get there I'll probably check the balance again.

Great feedback on the boss, thanks! Maybe the first phase needs a steady glow or some other call-out to draw attention. As for the mask phase, definitely needs a rework. It felt too hard at first... but I to discovered toward the end of the jams that just standing slamming attack was the most effective strategy.

All great things to work on for version 3.0, thanks for all the feedback! Now that a lot of the groundwork is in place, I'm hoping I can push a lot further next when I get to the next update. I hope to see you then! :)