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just a couple issues when you finish it would be nice to see your score out of however many crystals there actually is that way it incentivises a second playthough a bit more. 

also when you are finished it kicks you back to the start screen but you mouse is still hidden like when you are controlling the charactor in the actual game. which makes a second runthrough a bit annoying as you have to reload the game

having enclosed spaces with a 3rd person camera isnt the best idea, but i do like having the ability to control it rather than an algorithm of some sort

other then that i thought it was pretty good. has a lot of charm.

cool artstyle though looks pretty pro for a game-jam game.  how many people made this?  


Thank you so much for your feedback, I will definitely try out your game as well .

We're two developers here  and we really enjoy participating in jams. The art was obtained for free from the unity asset store, whilst the block assets were bought in a previous sale.  Our aim was to experiment with 3D platforming and create something that makes the player super aware of the environment, i.e. being careful before every jump or turn. 

We had some problems with the lights unfortunately as the baking process from unity takes quite some time and the lights were not properly processed for the starting area.