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pretty good music and gameplay, I think I would have made the levels a bit quicker to complete, but otherwise its a fun game ! :)

Pretty cute game :)

Hi, you can wall jump with spacebar, it should get you back up

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My bad, use the ARROW keys to move :)

In Spacebook, the protagonist of the game is somewhat of an introvert that has been avoiding the outside world for two years. 


The game explains that Sam is going through an addiction disorder, and has been told by a therapist to build connections in order to recover. At the same time, having experienced the loss of a close person, the challenge of finding a new connection is even more meaningful. 


As Sam decides to go outside to talk to new people, the realisation kicks in that social media has taken over the neighbourhood, with people immersed in their smart phones and Spacebook culture. 


The game portrays some artificial connections through dialogue, designed to intrigue the player to relate certain thought processes to their reality. The four main personalities that the player can engage with are based on researched personalities, two of which are artificially inflated, another who has developed defensiveness because of flaky relationships, and another who is genuine and capable of recognising artificial connections.

Spacebook's only goal is to provoke thought and raise awareness through play, designed with a focus on learning instead of gameplay mechanics.

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TL DR; Play my game, its meant to be a wake up call about social media.

If you want to know more about this concept, read here:

Thank you so much for your feedback, I will definitely try out your game as well .

We're two developers here  and we really enjoy participating in jams. The art was obtained for free from the unity asset store, whilst the block assets were bought in a previous sale.  Our aim was to experiment with 3D platforming and create something that makes the player super aware of the environment, i.e. being careful before every jump or turn. 

We had some problems with the lights unfortunately as the baking process from unity takes quite some time and the lights were not properly processed for the starting area.

First impression is that this game is awesome, immediately understood the concept and it ties in well with the theme. The art is pretty cool though, and personally I prefer this sort of minimal style. Really like what you did there with the line of sight area, plays pretty smoothly too and sfx are also nice to hear in jam submissions.

Would be interested in seeing more levels if you ever decide to expand it :)