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i like the ghost effect when you are low on health,  though gameplay wise it is a bit dull,

you can basicly groop them all together in a big open room by running around then and recharging then when you have all of them go off exploring with out a care in the world which detracts from the creepy atmosphere. 

a solution might be to move only ones with in a certain range  or changing the ghosts speed depending on there distance to the player,  closer being faster and at a certain range they dont move at all. 

also you could add a flicker to the flashlight as it gets dim, as if it is about to go flat. and the flashing will be a better reminder that you need to recharge. and add some stress to the gameplay

also more levels wouldnt hurt

Thank you for the feedback :)
I wanted to put in proper pathfinding for the enemies but couldn't due to time constraints. I believe that would have the effect that you are recommending.

Will probably be adding levels later as well.


cool, look forward to it