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Did you get past the soil part that looks like something had recently been buried?

I didn't. have tried all the objects in the game afaics and no luck so far. also examined everything so far. I even pet the dog :)

In order to get the object buried in the soil you need a tool. That tool is stored somewhere near the hall...

I moved all the objects to the hall. if one needs to use the dog to dig then it doesn't seem to be possible to get it there. if we need a branch or something then nothing either. if the hall door needs to be unlocked then there's no object or object description that can help do that.

if you use a different browser can you finish the game as is? because I'm thinking we may have different versions and we're playing an old one.

You are absolutely right, there was a bug in the uploaded version that prevented the player from progressing in the hall. I've uploaded a fixed version and now, trying to pick a certain object opens the door.

Thank you for noticing and sorry for the bug!

Let me know if you can finish the game now.

Awesome! Finished now. Very nice.

Thanks a lot for playing!