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Too similar to chicken/dog fighting. Big sad. Music starts to grate on the ears really quickly. It's a no from me, boss

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Hilarious, adorable, weird, 10/10

also, where can I get a pair of pants like those

edit 2: the music at the end is rad af

There's a small typo in one of the links. After "Consider the mongoose," one comes across "Exactly." But it's misspelled as "Exacty."

This was so nostalgic for me, having fallen in love with Small Saga when I played the demo. Very much looking forward to the full release! Loved the artwork in this. You have such an eye for capturing power differences from the perspective of the small (but mighty) and evoking in us both the fear and the bravery felt by our Protagonists rodentia. (😜)

I think it's just to show the players (if they haven't wandered too close yet) that they shouldn't get too close to the skulls.

meowmie forever T___T


No problem! Glad I could help

In case you're looking for them, there are some grammatical errors in the intro: "There have* been reports" "neither have* there been any bodies" "investigators have gone* inside" "or been* consumed by" "This has reached my conscience with the assistance of... [try: I've become aware of this because of a fool I overheard; he was speculating...]" "Absolute* nonsense" "Regardless*, my name is Albert"

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Dang!! You really nailed the atmosphere. Creepy af! Really great soundtrack too, especially the closing piece. Super pretty.

AWESOME, hilarious, and adorable game. I love the mashup of Carmen San Diego and cats and waterfowl. I played this twice through back to back just to see if I could win, and I won!* Thank you for this game. C:

*jk, unless winning means morphing into a melted-scenery duck and listening to jams as the credits roll, which I thought was pretty cool

This is a really cute game lol, very on-the-nose too. Any chance you'll be reposting it to the Google play store?


is the player not supposed to get past the "press a or b" screen or

483 times and still nothing. How in the

Did you get past the soil part that looks like something had recently been buried?

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Thank you!!

Update: These tips helped a lot; just discovered an item I couldn't find before. :D

Update 2: Stuck again. :\

This is really intriguing but MAN am I stuck. T_T

This was...rather clunky and weird and unbelievable (like a coffee maker in a dorm room? no one can afford that if they're living in a dorm). They've been friends for months (re: "Months later" option) but only start talking about other hobbies when MC goes to hang out in Courtney's room? And the "tongue war" bit is It sounds like the creator is younger than college-aged. Especially if this is the case, I really don't intend to hurt the dev's feelings at all, and it's a good start for sure. (Definitely keep making games!) The 18+ scene could stand to be less porny; focus on making it more organic if you're going to include it at all. I hope that the dev is actually female, but I understand that a loooot of lesbian content on itch is by pervy dudes for pervy dudes. /eyeroll In which case, y'all have no reason to be making lesbian content and gtf away from us 



The music, mechanics, and sfx in the beginning were negatively distracting, took away from the story, but the art and the music at the end got me so hard. I'm not bawling my eyes out, I just didn't need to see it's fine

except you're not the only one with a key



Both of your games are so terrifying. Great work! JERK     /s 

(seriously great job)

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This is so cute!! The art is lovely and the music is reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII! I love this!

Edit: After actually playing it (though I'm only a few minutes in), this game was clearly inspired by FF and I'm in LOOOVE. I adore how you chose to go with a much kinder, less toxic narrative by having Lance reassure Verm that "all mice [feel fear]," instead of what is usually to be expected, that an older brother would make fun of or mock a younger brother for being afraid. 

Edit 2: OMG, THE 6-STICK "S" ON THE WALL. (y'know, the one we all drew in middle school/high school)


This is seriously such a great game. Got me emotionally invested so quickly. Excited for the kickstarter launch!!

Edit 4: (wow, this must be annoying, sorry!) Saw on the website that a Mac version is "possible later." :c Do you know about how much later?

I love the concept and a lot of the content is really funny and well written. I hope not to hurt any feelings when I say this, but... the narration is really bad. Really could have done without it; it takes away from the overall experience of the game. I found I had to mute altogether, which was a bummer because I really like the background music.

lesbian* asian narrative

Woooo, beat the Monster Endless Dungeon!! Bumped Derek's HP to 3000, STR 6000, and boosted his farts to like 50, potion strength to 700 and full heals to 11, though I didn't use the full heals more than once this last run and only used a few potions. 

YAASSS thanks!

-_- Just got to level 98 of the Monster Endless Dungeon and Derek died. First time ever, and it's because I risked him facing 1052(ish?) jerks at ~850 HP. fmmlllllll

Whew, just completed the Coco Endless Dungeon as well (10:30 pm PST, 5/28/2019). I've sunk so many hours into this game over the past two days haha. Derek's stats as of this completion for anyone curious: HP - 2000, STR - 2680, carrying 17 potions (used all but 4 in this run), 20x bull farts (lmaooo), 3x full heals, 5x thirsties, 2x doors.

Just completed the first Endless Dungeon! :)

Yesss, please!


How do we block games/content from creators? re: my reply to the thread itself, below

"Yeah, I'd like to know how to block games. I know I can block content creators via their profiles, but it doesn't seem to block their content. I don't want to see pro-pedophilia porny shit and since mods on this site seem to think it's okay to exist, it'd be nice to be able to block."

Yeah, I'd like to know how to block games. I know I can block content creators via their profiles, but it doesn't seem to block their content. I don't want to see pro-pedophilia porny shit and since mods on this site seem to think it's okay to exist, it'd be nice to be able to block.


Absolutely beautiful.

Decent for as far as I got (~level 2?) but it feels like a LIMBO rip-off. It's one thing to be inspired by a great game and have that inspiration shine through, but this plays a little too close to home for it to feel authentic and original.

The music is nice at first but gets very monotonous quickly. It'd be nice to give players the option to mute the music, to mute music without muting sfx, and to also make a menu available to access in-game without completely ending the game. Didn't realize that that's what would happen when I clicked "menu," and now I don't want to play the game again.

Justed wanted to say how much I love this game. I've been looking forward to a sequel/second episode since it was first announced that The House Abandon would be one of multiple episodes. Absolutely riveting and spooky game with a great existential twist. I really, really hope a second is in production, but if not, I'm just happy you made this one! Thank you!