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I know this fear intimately <3 :( It's distressing how fallible our brains are, especially when we are capable of so much love—and of love that endures even death. I hope for you that you never forget, and I also hope that this might be comforting: Even if we lose the ability to recall clearly the sound of a loved one's voice (i.e. the dendrites related to that specific memory die off), that memory will still be there, albeit more difficult to access. But its being there means if we were to hear that voice again, even if in some messy recording somehow, we would recognise it quickly as familiar and important and, very likely, if not right away then soon after, as belonging to that beloved person. And it would make other related memories easier to access too.

I know that can seem like a lofty hope, a pipedream, a slippery bean chase: if I could just find a recording somewhere, etc. And sometimes we're certain, too, that there is none to be had, and that hurts. If nothing else, the feeling of love in us for our loved ones that is so often (re)inspired by the sound of our loved ones' voices stays with us. The heart remembers, even when our mental ears cannot hear anymore.

I wish for you wellness and more of the love that makes voices so precious and an impeccable recall for them (or else freedom from painful self-doubt), and I hope you're doing alright out there.

This made me sob violently and I needed it. It's my mother's 50th birthday in 10 days and she died pretty abruptly at 48. I miss her fucking incredibly and had to say goodbye for the last but not the first time halfway around the world over a video call via a shitty wifi connection. I was 29. Her father, who was functionally my dad, had died a year and four days prior—on valentine's day no less! hAHA

I wish I could say those were the only things that make me empathise so fucking deeply with this cosmonaut, with Atlas, with the Sisyphean effort in every After, with the recognition of memories being corrupted by reconsolidation and trying to remember anyway, that quintessential irony in the desperate attempt for connection by their recall. The regret you weren't prepared for because you had no way of fathoming it before. (you thought you were doing enough; but you know, too, that anything more would have been too much, would have interfered with being there in the moment, in those moments. this is just how it is. one cannot perfectly archive one's entire life.)

But they aren't the only, so the compounding of what was already terrible in these two losses by so much else is just... horrific  devastating  what the fuck p much  catastrophic? nah don't wanna maKe It bIgGeR tHaN iT iS    feels bad bro :/

But dusting the leaves. Humming. Caretaking. Hope, or at least the suspension of disbelief, the shelving of cynicism. The promise to love. The promise of love. 

It helps.

I don't know you cecile but I love you for making this game; I hope you're well out there~ tl;dr: 10/10 game + soundtrack, abs fantastic will make u feel things in 30 secs or less

Can't wait to play this!

I feel that on the not having time 馃槱 there's no way there are still 24hrs in a day, something must have happened

Yeah, honestly, I was expecting a shitpost but it's actually legitimately challenging  and intriguing

Haha, of course! Happy to send the warm fuzzies your way!

My partner and I played this every day for like two weeks straight and we ended up surviving for over a hundred days a few times. Mentions frequently about how we have to come back and play it again soon haha. Lovelovelove this game!

Wow! This must have taken so much time to make. Do you work at 11-bit Studios?

-50 pts to the military-industrial complex

+50 pts to this game

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Hilarious. Donuts. Smashin cops with donuts. Enormifying peeps with donuts. Then smashin them too for money. Wao. gR8 


(also fuck yeh metaL)

Glad to see content out like this to spread awareness of health anxiety. Maybe this will help antimaskers develop some empathy. Even with us coming out of the pandemic (which isn't entirely true), we still need to be practicing social distancing and wearing masks--even if we ourselves are vaccinated. (And please go get vaccinated if you haven't already!) Social distancing can still help those especially vulnerable, particularly those who cannot get vaxxed, and the more people who are protected, the less likely the virus is to mutate. (it requires a host in which to mutate, so if a host is denied to the virus...)

Anyway, thanks for making this game. Loved the music at the end.

this game--nay, epic--captivated and moved me in a way i haven't been moved since the first sunrise of 2013. thank you. truly blessed to have had this experience

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I found top-down was way easier for me

This was such a cute and really fun game! Level 11 killed me omg lol, and 18 was pretty challenging too. I loved that it included progressively difficult puzzles without them being rage-inducing. The music is really cute, as are the animations, and the game is just all-around great. Also love that you designed this with your nephew in mind. Thanks for making this and sharing it with us all!!

awesome! Thanks so much for making and working so hard on this game

I'm seeing a lot of people recommending that tons of features be added. I think one of the beautiful things about games like these is that it's not kitted out with so much that you have to consult a wiki in order to manage it. Not every game needs to fill every need. There's already so much fun and aesthetic goodness packed into this pico-sized package; I don't think we need to be like "this has potential"--it's ALREADY great.Adding so much more will just bog it down and make it less enjoyable.

I actually like that there's no tutorial. It adds to the adrenaline/suspense fun factor to have to learn as you go.

"I could never dream of someone playing my game for hours"

Well, it's real! :) You've got at least two players who love the crap out of this game and already dumped ~5 into it on the first day!

Thanks for this--it's good to know that some of these are genuinely impossible; I've spent a lot of time trying to mastermind it lol

I just want to add my two cents: I actually love the "skip heists" option *and* I like the trees. Yes, the trees can make it more challenging or impossible to do certain things, but I feel like that's a bit more immersive. The "skip" is beneficial because if you go into a heist that doesn't work out, you have to lay low for a day, which means you end up losing more money than you would've gained. So I like being able to skip. (Please don't yank it.)


I'm so happy that there's the option for local multiplayer. My partner and I spent several hours straight just playing this. I love that there are little things that you uncover as you go, like the security panels, that you can check the desks of the computers, and that you can disable the cameras. Still not sure if there's a way to rescue one if the other has been apprehended. Love that each map seems to be totally unique (so far anyway).

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EDIT: Just beat it. Absolutely fantastic!! Really can't wait to see what you two do with this in the future. :)


((Spoiler ahead))

This was really fun and SUPER spooky! But I got hung up after the point where the books change to The Ugly Duckling and the bathroom door is locked. Couldn't for the life of me figure out what to do next. :( Will try again later!

Too similar to chicken/dog fighting. Big sad. Music starts to grate on the ears really quickly. It's a no from me, boss

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Hilarious, adorable, weird, 10/10

also, where can I get a pair of pants like those

edit 2: the music at the end is rad af

There's a small typo in one of the links. After "Consider the mongoose," one comes across "Exactly." But it's misspelled as "Exacty."

This was so nostalgic for me, having fallen in love with Small Saga when I played the demo. Very much looking forward to the full release! Loved the artwork in this. You have such an eye for capturing power differences from the perspective of the small (but mighty) and evoking in us both the fear and the bravery felt by our Protagonists rodentia. (馃槣)

I think it's just to show the players (if they haven't wandered too close yet) that they shouldn't get too close to the skulls.

meowmie forever T___T


No problem! Glad I could help

In case you're looking for them, there are some grammatical errors in the intro: "There have* been reports" "neither have* there been any bodies" "investigators have gone* inside" "or been* consumed by" "This has reached my conscience with the assistance of... [try: I've become aware of this because of a fool I overheard; he was speculating...]" "Absolute* nonsense" "Regardless*, my name is Albert"

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Dang!! You really nailed the atmosphere. Creepy af! Really great soundtrack too, especially the closing piece. Super pretty.

AWESOME, hilarious, and adorable game. I love the mashup of Carmen San Diego and cats and waterfowl. I played this twice through back to back just to see if I could win, and I won!* Thank you for this game. C:

*jk, unless winning means morphing into a melted-scenery duck and listening to jams as the credits roll, which I thought was pretty cool

This is a really cute game lol, very on-the-nose too. Any chance you'll be reposting it to the Google play store?


is the player not supposed to get past the "press a or b" screen or

483 times and still nothing. How in the

Did you get past the soil part that looks like something had recently been buried?

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Thank you!!

Update: These tips helped a lot; just discovered an item I couldn't find before. :D

Update 2: Stuck again. :\

This is really intriguing but MAN am I stuck. T_T