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hint 1: it's the same password across all routes

hint 2: for first go around think what was needed for that situation its mentioned in the hospital talk

hint 3: do hint 2 first second go around it gets said a lot, like a lot of times so it shouldn't be too hard

Ok, I'll give the game another go. Thanks btw.

Im so stupid that I can't even get to day 8 even with so many hints.

Try to pay attention to words that repeat or seem to pertain the situation that happened.... something that gives a clue to what exactly had gone wrong.

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Does it happen in a certain route?

Let's just say it's not exclusive to any of them, though keep in mind you will have to see the bad endings to continue on with the game.


Also remember you're looking between the death itself and the Bad End screen. Anything before that is a wasted effort this time around.

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Nooooot really... there might be some more secrets, but so far I've found a password that works on Day 4 (or the second time you can use the vault).

Edit: No amount of puppy eyes will make me reveal it.

I've only been able to find 9 passwords that work.

Yes, really! At least if we're talking about where you're guaranteed to get them, and ones required for progression. Other passwords... not so much, but they're optional.

bro I've been going through the hospital talk for an hour now picking out word after word that may have any level of correlation to the event but absolutely nothing is working what in jesus name do I do