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I'm having a weird glitch were I only encounter the double bandits on the track is anyone else having this issue?

Was gonna point out he said self but then I realised it was edited sooo nevermind

1.) A book on history, I think would be best Asterion is a very curious person and I feel like he'd love to know how the world has changed in a more detailed form

2.) N/A

3.) Honestly I would just give the moo a hug I feel like he needs one

You do a really good job at making things morally grey where you feel like either option will have good and bad sides to it which is very impressive. Though it does make the descissions that much harder, which is how it should be. And I also wanted to say thanks for making a great game!

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maybe like in the swamp you could add an attached room in the house to make the options less clutered? it just feels like the screen is full already

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I think the pizza scene is glitched as it has crashed my game but starting from the begining fixes it, there are still multiple errors around the time when you play the videogame with Max though. P.S. love the game so far

oh thanks for telling me!

it says name 'confident' not defined also says 'sitnexttomaccon' not defined

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I believe theres a few errors with Maccon at lunch including sitting with maccon and speaking about his father

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yup already had it explained thanks though it is nice of you

(spoiler) (last theory here than moving to discord to rant) wait, wait, wait, in the benson bad end it says Orlando and Sal went to visit Sal's sister but we later learn she's dead isn't that like super sus and we don't ever hear from them again did they pull a Roswell and go to the masion or something else? but then it made me realise dean knew too why didn't he think it suspicious? and now that I've revisited that conversation is so foreshadowy just like Deans really

well its hard to say its one person since the way they were murdered would make you suspect themselves if that makes sense because hoss was murdered by someone who knew the secret passages or it wouldnt be possible and he had at least known one. Orlando was murdered by someone who knew the signifigance of the vault and knew the code to it while Orlando knows neither he is the closest to learning both. Ty was murdered by what seemed like a wild bear/animal and the one who acts the most like one is Ty (no offence I like Ty too). then Sal the poor boy felt immense guilt and Hypnos told him to atone when the only one who he told was you soo... you could also argue Dean since they said they know eachother from before too. while in Deans you were worried about a suicide no more proof then that cause I can't think of any as for Roswell I can't think of anything. after saying this if it's a known character I think it comes down 3 people Dean for the motive, Butler since he suits the bill for a suprising amount of the deaths (these being Roswell, Orlando, Dean and Hoss) and this the most out there one but I can't stop thinking about it you, specifically future you for sal you knew his guilt and nightime hypnotisation for Dean I have feeling we'll figure out were poison is stored soon for Hoss you are learning the hidden passages and future you would know more also you knew he would be knocked out at the time for Orlando butler said we will learn the code to the vault after the medallion chase so future you may know it for Roswell it's another case of hidden rooms since the room was locked in and for Ty I can't quite think of anything. But for the butler, future you knew where a gun was going to be future you may think someone has to die and decided on the poor butler or even thought the butler the killer and stopped him preemptively not sure but I think whitey only appears when butler is missing which is suspicious so it could be the butler so in the end future you may be the killer why I don't know how I don't know but you can see an alternate dimensions future I don't think this that far out there but still it could be

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god I just realised how big this comment was and youre talking about Echo aren't you

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well yeah I expected that since the point of this game is kinda experience the bad to learn more and get to the good I was just thinking that you are going to sacrifice something and through that sacrifice you learn the truth and the way to save everyone perhaps a password or something else. on a side note Deans starting to worry me a bit he has a lot of foreshadowing in his route and I kind of had an epiphany with his death it said he died because of poison or similar and it wasnt deathcap since it takes ~6 days to die (Mycology book) so what if he found something that hut that was mentioned or a lab, where there are poisons stored he touched something there and forgot to wash his hands but the question if this is true why didn't he tell anyone perhaps he didn't think it mattered? or another case is it didn't seem to have anything dangerous with a brief look, sorry for ranting writing helps sort my thoughts

is it just me or a potion that increases or decreases sexual experience be good so you can see different scenes without restarting the entire game?

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*Spoiler (major)* this is just a theory but Orlando put sacrifice and saw you hanging from a meat hook and Dean said he feels that you will need to hurt yourself one day to do the right thing perhaps the MC came to the conclusion or was forced into a position where that someone had to die or they all would, thus the sacrifice being the MC for his friends lives that still wouldn't explain the meat hook since there are other ways to KYS so perhaps the white ghost has some thing to do with it? Or Dean means emotionally hurt not physically like letting the love interest go or die? dont know whats some other thoughts?

I think it means an update is coming?

same lol

oooops yeah

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its all on their patreon and it seems that any character mentioned in this description LI, mentors and, friends all could have routes as patreon stretch goals

I, I didn't think about that with sho but now that you've mentioned it it makes so much sense dang

if you have downloaded it then its probably in your files where you can launch the game from go to this PC and search for TennisAce and it shall appear

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if I'm honest I just really like this game and I had a suprising amount of fun translating the nightmare after realising the thing about them there still a few words that confuse me in the seqeunce but they'll probably be explained

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awww I like dave


richard on darius route best character 2019

"I say it to you" is one of the freakiest lines ever


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at first I was thinking that was unlikely until I remembered they made Echo

I'm really liking the game so far thanks

go through the picture files for some reason theres "something" there

small issue in the hoss route near the end with the hot cocoa his line is said by MC "Gee, the vote of confidence Blank. I'm able to do stuff in the kitchen too."

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the second two passwords are the same

thank you for the warning and I hope development gets smoother

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if you're still having trouble withe roswell look at the CG itself the word is quite prominent

sorry about ver.14 I hope development get a bit more smooth

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which one do you need?

I went to there patreon and it seems that there patreon goals add each character as a route in this order Russel, Chris, Zach then, Karina

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MC is very dense its fine but boy is he dense like neutron star dense

I know it is, its just that the bad ending happened just as that happened on his route just jun gets carted off and it suddenly says a few years later I didn't know what was going on  

*spoiler* I did all of keisuke's hearts except one then started out on Jun's and when you do to many it gives a bad end and that bad end happened just as Jun collapsed and nearly gave me a godamn heartattack with the timing