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  1. I do not plan to make the game free.
  2. The game is not close to being finished, but I would give it another year.
  3. Don't worry, I'm glad you're interested!
  4. The game "style" is subject to change, but the animated .gif photos represent what I've been working on with the game.
  5. I don't mind the questions. News has been slow recently but it will pick up again when I've made more progress.

Ok, i will buy it, please dont make it so much expensive


Yo Matthew, I got a few questions as well

1. Can you make the game free under certain conditions (such as allowing it to be free for speedrunners that can beat a certain time), 

2. Will the Game still be Browser-Based

3. If not, Can you make a second version for browser?

4. Will you accept community ideas?

5. Are you gonna make an official discord

6. Jif or Gif?

7. How much would the Game cost?

8. Will you make it multiplayer? It would be great to have a game like this that was multiplayer

9. Can you put in easter eggs? Like for example the name of the current World Record speedrunner?

and last (for now) but not least,

10. Can we get a level editor, allowing us players to make our own levels and upload them to a "workshop", or just have a level code to share with friends? it would be super fun.

1. I am not sure yet

2-3. Browser support is not planned

4. Sure

5. I plan to make an official Discord server

6. Gif

7. Not sure yet

8. Multiplayer is not planned (this would make development even slower)

9. Easter Eggs will appear

10. A level editor is not planned but is desired!

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Ok. If the game is not gonna be free can you make a demo version please?, doesn't look a bad idea I think, please just put in the demo 3 levels, if I am gonna buy the game my friend will not be agreed for buying it for me, I will try but do a demo if you can, he might agree buying it for me, I didn't ask him just yet