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It fixed itself, but the game is prone to crashing, thats what was goin on

I see it was updated recently

im just stuck here

wont load for me, stuck on loading screen. pls fix

it wont let me play on browser, why?

I failed at this section, now i cant beat the game It wont let me pass

what secret u missing? on level 2 (im assuming u mean the last level in game, as its called level 2) are u missing secret 1, 2, or 3?

i have no problem, its just that the speedrun does not show the games ending, so it isnt a full game speedrun. As a result, its not a valid one. you need to see the end game screen for it to count

Yo Matthew, I got a few questions as well

1. Can you make the game free under certain conditions (such as allowing it to be free for speedrunners that can beat a certain time), 

2. Will the Game still be Browser-Based

3. If not, Can you make a second version for browser?

4. Will you accept community ideas?

5. Are you gonna make an official discord

6. Jif or Gif?

7. How much would the Game cost?

8. Will you make it multiplayer? It would be great to have a game like this that was multiplayer

9. Can you put in easter eggs? Like for example the name of the current World Record speedrunner?

and last (for now) but not least,

10. Can we get a level editor, allowing us players to make our own levels and upload them to a "workshop", or just have a level code to share with friends? it would be super fun.

u gonna join it?

Heres Link

Im making a discord for this game, its not the official game discord, but If you like this game please join the discord. Unless there is an officail one

I will beat u]

Hello there, I just wanted to say GG on the WR. However, this video does not provide valid proof, we cannot see the ending.  Also, please try a all secret speedrun, i hold wr right now for that

wait is ther more options for guns? or is that revolver in testing?

hhow to fly?

whats the 1st one?


it doesnt translate to anything m8

How do i do the first ending?

I only have the 1st ending to do

green, red, yellow, blue

Just got robot ending, kinda diffucult i guess to find the clue, after that it was ez

How do i get past the first part? I can kill the 3 roboguys, but then Im stuck at the ladder. I cant jump up there, what do i do?