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Duuuuuuuude.. this game was very fun to play, the graphics is also awesome, keep up the good work!

This game is great

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.. My gameplay, the game was fun to play, hope the next release be more better 
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Thank you pro!! Also my dad when he saw me playing the game, he said the graphics is awesome, my dad liked the game I swear

Awwwwwwwww, I love cats!

Wow, do you remember me? I asked you that how I need to activate the mod to play the game, you released the game on!! That's awesome

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   I had fun playing this! Love you game, please keep making pixelated horror games I love them!! What a cool game developer!

I hope you Enjoyed my video

Good game, I won the game, i won the game but without recording the ending, sorry, but i recorded and i didn't complete the game but when i tryed to complete it without making a video, I won the game, I created this poster up here, you can take it blake!

I am Excited! I told you that I am gonna make face cam when I play this but I will release my voice only, I dont wanna make face cam, because I dont like to show my face in this time, but Thanks for the game I didn't play just jet, there's a video coming on my channel, best blake!

Thanks man! Thank you for telling me what will it be, we will wait as soon as your game is ready!

Wow! This game looks lovely! I like it so much!

Ok thanks, I am not gonna buy it I am buying another game that is more better than baldi basics

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so that means that the game is almost here, but maybe after 21 days I am gonna buy the game it looks so fantasy and awesome and I am gonna make it as my favourite best game or steam game, I will make a serious on my channel about ultrakill

the creator said it will be released at 2020 and he also said * it will be probably around 15$

Thanks! I dont know why I am smelling a hardwired chapter 2 but that would be awesome if you do a chapter 2, or maybe another shooting game like Quake, just do what you think

Hello Blake, I am late for the game but soon there's a video coming, I dont know when but maybe I will record it the next day

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Ok. If the game is not gonna be free can you make a demo version please?, doesn't look a bad idea I think, please just put in the demo 3 levels, if I am gonna buy the game my friend will not be agreed for buying it for me, I will try but do a demo if you can, he might agree buying it for me, I didn't ask him just yet

LoL I like this game made me laugh when I had fun, Thanks for the demo

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LoL I made sword machine sleep and he's angery, I just punch him but he get angery and dies

Ok, i will buy it, please dont make it so much expensive

It's because my recording programm is not so much good, that's why he didn't record the ending, Sorry, however, nothing is bad in the speedrun what's your problem?

Can I ask something?

Awesome dude! I cant believe your like 8 years old and your making mods, I also built projects in minecraft I built maps, Great mod!


your not doing it right? I mean NEVER, will you

Ok, Thanks

Can you add a fast option, this option makes the game run better with no lag in the start when you open the game it shows you (Graphics Quality) it called * Fastest *

When we click * Fastest * in Graphics Quality this will make the game fast, I play the game every time and it lags a little bit, I hope you understand me, just put the Fastest Quality option then the game will run better on the computers 

Great Game!!

Awesome Graphics, Awesome Sounds!

Awesome game as always, Thank you For Creating it

best pixelart Game

I finally Complete the 5 level in ultrakill, FINALLY IT WAS REALLY HARD!! Now I am free outside and cool Ending!! You can see the truth in this video, Thank you for Creating the Game

I love the ascii games so much!! This game is Awesome and fun
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Thank you for making it, it's a art game, I like those cute guys (the pyramid builders) they are looking realistic like a real peoble they are looking cute, Great and fun Game!!

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  I made another speedrun but the world record is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! because I beat the game in 4 minute's like Omg, please watch the video, Thanks

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The most game that I love thank you

I made another video about the game because its it's awesome!!

I am really happy that you made this awesome game, it also reminds me of a game called (half life) I played it when I was jung, now I decided to search a game like half life's graphics so I found this game ultrakill, keep up the good work
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Please tell us when the full release come