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Nice game bro, I really like the enemie designs and I am a big fan of quake! Will the enemies have names?

This game looks nice and fun, I will diffently give a try, will the game be out on steam? I will pay money for it if you want but please

So freakin excited for this, I will literally give all my money just to play the game so don't make it free

I am not ready, I have already spent 14 dollars on a game

I've finally created a paypal account to buy games, I am gonna buy your game ASAP!

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Wow, you deserve to take all my money because your games are awesome, when the full release comes out, I am buying it!

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I've finally created an paypal account to buy games and I am ready to buy your game, did you cancel the demo? I would like to know if your gonna release a demo

Amazing game as I was expecting it to be!

Is this an educational game?

I don't know why I am gonna have a good day with this game but I am still on happy mode

I mean that the game was scary and i was surprised of how weird it is

This was fucking amazing

For some reason I can't record the game I tried with 2 recording softwares and non of them worked, you don't even have to help me with that, Thank you for making the game.

Is this made with unity?

This game wasn't that bad, it was fun a bit
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I like this game because it looks similiar to Dusk that I played years ago, this demo is also amazing! I liked it very very very much

 I found a real hollow head picture by a famous canada artist that is called trevor handerson

You welcome, I wasn't expecting to win the game on hard mode, but it really was fun on easy normal and hard

Does this demo have a new levels?

I will try to do that, your best friend! Also my school will begin Tomorrow, I've gonna come to you back soon.

Yay, very excited for this game

One Question please, can you PLEASE Add to your game a option called fast, with this fast option I will be able to make the game movements fast with no lag, please update it and add the fast option

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If you guys don't know which engine is this game made of, it's actually called unity and it uses blender to make the characters with some picture editing softwares to make a pixelated pictures and textures to put on the characters and low-poly graphics 3d look lol

3 I freakin love half life! I don't know which help do you want but if you wanted to make a FPS game, that would be awesome!

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Great one, i loved it, even the drinking sound was yummy lol

Ok then, good luck

Rubeki I will call you the speedrunner of making games

If the game is not free, then will you make a demo?

Great game idea I swear dude

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Can you please add killer bees demo in this page, it takes long to download the haunted ps1 demo disk to play killer bees, I just want the game I dont want to play the game from haunted ps1 demo disk

This is the best game!

Please add to your game a fast option to make it run fast on computers, it lags when I start playing, Thanks

Drop ship is fucking cool pro👌

I have a question, I scanned this one and it has viruses, is it worth to download? Are these viruses not dangerous? I will not trust it a bit

Man I love your games, I will follow you because your first horror game " tv night " was freakin cool! Keep making cool games

Great one, hope the next one be a FPS ps1 game

here's my gameplay

Dude your pixelated horror games are great! Keep making horror games

Thanks man : ) I am happy now.

We would like to get a demo of this game