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Thank you so much! 

Honestly I just used observation of gameplay and screenshots, there weren't any other references I drew from. I identified the basic requirements of the system (position stored on 3 axes, snapping to available floor if Gomez is over a gap and there is any in front of or behind him that isn't blocked by a wall, keeping track of whether Gomez is hidden from the camera on the back layer or not, etc.) and came up with my own ways to implement them. I actually ended up having to use a separate collision function for each of the four perspectives. If you really tinker around with it you'll notice my approach isn't actually a perfect recreation of FEZ's rotation system, because Gomez always gets pulled to the front in mine instead of staying in a fixed place when rotating. 

Also, the actual rotation effect is purely visual trickery - the model's layers (which are just collections of 2D sprites drawn with depth ordering) get a horizontal offset based on distance from the model center, the perspective switch is masked by the sweep effect, and then the layers settle back into place.

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Thats a quick reply!

After trying to observe how the game worked I did notice the game felt like 2d and that white line that comes in when rotating cleverly hides it quite a bit, so until you observe it carefully its not a big deal.

The toughest part for me is creating that collision system. I thought of using invisible cubes but the game doesn't work exactly that way as shown in this video This video shows that gomez actually somehow lands on the appropriate platform which are actually further away from the current platform gomez stands on, thus the use of invisible cube is out. And I was completely out of ideas until I played your game and I plan to create a remake as well but with better visuals. So I thank you again for spending the time to create an awesome game. Illusionary games need more love in the industry.