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Got the paid version and I get an infinite loop after doll creation.

I create a doll (sleepy doll,naming) then I come back to doll creation with the goat.

If I redo the doll,the doll talk (one speech only) then I come back to the goat to redo the doll,I redo the doll see the problem?

Tested with the cheerful doll,It's the same problem.

Can get past the creation...When the doll is made,I always come back to the creation with goat...forever...

Cannot "chat" with my Doll T_T

Oh, I'm so sorry for it! I'll get it fixed right away.

Thanks :)

Btw,It was nice to read the "secrets" behind the doors of the Dollhouse ^^

I'm happy to hear that you're liking it >w< I updated the premium version. Sorry again and please let me know if you're having any other issue with it <3

It's perfect!

Thanks a lot ^__^

Great <3 Thank you for playing and letting me know the bugs~

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I'm having the same exact problem, but I'm not in the premium version. What should I do? It's essentially making it impossible to play....

I'll get it fixed right away. I'm very sorry

I have fixed it. Let me know if there's any other problem.

Hi. Thank you for fixing it so quickly. It is working just fine now.

Great >w< Thank you for reporting the problem.