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So is there a way to hide the text box? I notice that some of the CGs don’t appear in the album such as some chain ones, her with the umbrella, and a kaichi one. I really want to save these of course so unless they are in the sketchbook thing, I’m not sure how to get them other than screen cap. Thank you

No. It is still not working

Oh my god. I played this game years ago when it was first posted on deviantart. I literally have pages in my sketchbook from when I was about 13 with Lin in it. You have no idea how much this changed me when I played it ever so long ago. Lin has stayed with me. I really am not exaggerating. That character impacted me so much. I even wrote a letter to a school bully back then with Lin’s name because it made me feel strong. Thank you for creating this. And thank god I was able to find it after all this time 

Just tried to play it. Went into the inventory system and was unable to close it. Pressing Tab did not work. Help? 

Hi. Thank you for fixing it so quickly. It is working just fine now.

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I'm having the same exact problem, but I'm not in the premium version. What should I do? It's essentially making it impossible to play....

oH MY GOD I'm in so much shock right now. I've been using live portrait maker to design my characters for the longest time AND i loved wholesome cats?? I can't believe the same person is responsible for those and "i woke up next to you again". I didn't think there was any correleation and you have even more beautiful interesting looking games. I'm so excited!!!

Cannot get it to work. When the first screen appears after hitting play, it says "click to skip", but will not do so and will not advance the game

I commented on the patreon page. Thanks for considering my suggestion <3

Don't apologize! I would rather see constant updates instead of none at all. I'm super excited for the full release of this game, and I'm glad you are working so hard on it!

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It would be nice if you were able to change the main character's gender to make it lesbian friendly. Also, some advice.... I only played Minako's route because I was really uninterested in playing through this game again, but I thought I should at least finish one route before being so critical. It still didn't change my mind. Even if I'm supposed to believe the main character is a solid 10/10 stud, the fact that female characters are just throwing themselves at him is very offputting. Normally in games like this, there's a little more work involved, and I hope you give the girls more personality. Right now they just hired prostitutes. Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but I thought it would be good to tell you, considering this game will mostly attract middle aged men who like hentai instead of people who like a good romance game. I hope you take this into consideration. I'm not saying the game should be less sexual, but currently that's all it is. The story barely exists. The game is just about fucking big breasted anime templates with no other redeeming qualities. Maybe if Summer seemed a little more like a childhood friend that likes you romantically instead of a slut hungry for whatever dick she sees first, it would be a little more meaningful. This ended up being more of a rant, than a review, but I hope it was helpful at least slightly. I'll end it here.~

Other ghosts except Steve: SICK GAME BRO!!!

Someday, just maybe, could you create a game with an Ais route? I want there to be a girl that can make Ais happy, walking through the sky and laughing with him, doing silly tricks and smiling. Ais is surrounded by girls but for some reason she is different, he loves her. I might just be gushing, but it is so hard not to fall in love with a character like Ais!! Thank you so much for making such an amazing and heartwarming game. I can't wait until I have more free time and I can play Anholly.