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I'm glad to hear that it worked. Thank you for playing!! <3

So, I have tried myself and it works for me. This is what I did, could you confirm this is also what you have done?


-I downloaded the second file
-I got all common dolls
-I took scissors and matches to kill the broken dolls and Okiku-san
-I got the yandere doll and sent him away by talking to him
-I got Mirror Helen
-I chose true end
-I watched the animation and opened the dolls' room following the order on the sticker
-I went upstairs and clicked on the red book
-I chose the option "I don't have any wish"
Then I went to check the stairs next to the Japanese door and the yandere doll was there.

Just in case, I'll create a new download link with the stairs unlocked so you can play it at least :)

Glad to hear that it worked. Thank you for your support <3 I'll check right away what's wrong with the stairs

I have created another download link called "[premium] in case the other doesn't work". Please try to see if that one works. If you're still having problems, please try deleting the autosave data from this folder:
Go to your windows C: > Users> YourUsername >AppData (this is a hidden folder. make sure hidden folders are shown) >Local >nw-app >User Data >Default
Please let me know if it works.

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I'll try to create a new download link for you. Please give me a moment :)

Hello, sorry it happened to you. Could you try to download the file again? it might have been corrupted during the download. I'll try to check if there's anything wrong on my side.

Yes, the Yandere doll and the other evil dolls appear in your house as collectable dolls AFTER the ending (so you have to clear the game first). Yandere doll will be upstairs on the right

You're welcome

You can find a guide in the description of this video kindly made by Aida :)

You're missing "goodbye wolf" and the side story with Hansel and Gretel

Thank you very much for making a guide! I'm happy to hear you liked our game

Which ones do you have?

It was removed in one of the previous updates, so it doesn't exist anymore. We made another ending instead of it

about the detective game being stuck, i've tried to fix it previously but it still happens sometimes when you click fast. unfortunately i'm not sure what causes it either x.x

to open the door in wolf's house, you need the key


meet hansel and gretel in town (go left, right after leaving home in the morning)

talk to wolf

don't give the necklace back to witch

go to wolf's house

stay inside

look around wolf's house

So, I tried it out and I can get the other endings. Could you please try to redownload it again and see if it works? It might be the files being corrupted.


By going to the woods directly (right, left, left, right) and ignoring Wolf, you're going to fall into the lake and drown since nobody's going to rescue you.

If you talk to Wolf the first time and then refuse to go to his house, you're going to get another ending.

The outcome should be different if you choose to ignore Wolf or not go to his house. I'll check if there's a bug, thank you for letting me know :)

There are various places where you get to choose what to do and each of them can influence the ending.
For example: at the beginning, when you're still in town, you can decide to go to the market instead of going to the forest directly (follow the map). You're going to meet some new characters.
Or you could choose to ignore the wolf when you meet him, and that's going to give you some other options too

Aww thank you so much <3

Aaah thank you very much! I'm very happy you liked our game. Your words mean a lot to me :)

Ah that's good then. I'm glad to hear it's working ^^ Thank you for playing <3

I tested it out and can't seem to find the problem. It runs well for me and the special parts can also be played. Could you tell me more in detail what problem you're getting? I understood that you successfully unzipped the folder, but it won't open, is it correct? You can send me a message to my facebook or instagram for faster reply. I'll keep this post checked too and try to reply as soon as I can.

I'll see what's wrong with it right away :) Are you using the windows version?

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Great to hear! I hope you'll enjoy the game

Hello, it should be fixed. The file is a .app for the mac download now. Please download it again to run it.

Hello, this game does indeed support mac. However, the files are automatically generated by CloudNovel and since I don't have a mac device myself, I didn't know about this problem. I'll contact CloudNovel to see what the problem is. I'll keep you updated

Thank you very much <3

No problem, you're welcome :3

The game is the nwjc file. You just have to click on it to play. Sorry, I'll make it more clear in the instruction

If you meant ZodiacStories' fangame, she deleted it already, so it's not playable anymore. It was a fangame of Red Grimly Tale

Thank youu <3 <3 <3

Ok, everything should be fixed now. Let me know if it's still happening or if there are any other bugs please. Thank you very much for your help~

Ok I'll take a look as soon as I get to my PC. Does that screen appear at the beginning when you start making dolls or only when you name them? I'll also check the bad ending screen

Lol thanks.

If you want to support, please throw it to my ko-fi please~ thank you for the thought

Ok, let me know. Someone else also reported that it was slow, but it was ok when they changed pc, so I'm not sure where's the problem.

There still a long way to go. At least one more year lol I update the beta version every month

Yes I'll send on twitter

Are you using Windows or Mac? It runs slow on Mac. On Windows it depends on the pc x.x

Woah you want spoilers right away? XD I only have cheating sheet for answers, not the plot of ending. I'll send you on discord

Oooh ok ok. Let me know if there are other problems :3 and thank you for playing

Are you using windows or mac, by the way? It might be very slow on mac and that can't be fixed...

Thank you very much >w< I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it.
I will try to see if I can make it run faster. I can't guarantee you anything though x.x