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there needs to be negative and tarot starting decks. also make it so negatives have interesting effects on negative blackjack so you can still win.

you would need to have some positive cards though. Which cards would be positive?

also tarot cards never gonna happen. There is a reason why there is only one way to get tarot cards in your deck.


You could have them all be negative omni-suit cards but replace the face cards with slashes.

Yeah, a Tarot deck would be hard to balance for sure.  Some of the cards are pretty bad, but they're all better than e.g. the 8 of clubs.  I guess except Death if all your cards are tarot XD

what are slashes? do you mean scratch?

yeah my bad


Just use The World if you want a tarot deck

but what else would you put in such a starting deck? How would you make it fit in with the others?

negative blackjack could never and will never be a thing. the format don't support it, it wouldn't make sense with how the negative cards say " * effect cannot be reduced below zero". not to mention that there is no negative limit.

you could potentially have a card that multiplies all current played card values by -1. in fact you could probably theme it after the inverter from shotgun roulette.