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Game was fun!  I left with 9 eggs without giving them over and there wasn't a different ending, which was a little unfortunate, but overall the two endings I did find (normal v.s. with eggs) were fun. I liked Spider Friend, not sure what they were in for, they seem chill.

Last Embers is by far the best card in the game as far as I can tell. Nevertheless, the game was fun.   Beat it with a rogue focused on repeatedly using the Fan of Flames, skipping most discoveries other than Last Embers,  Kunai Storm was also good, though taking damage at EoT from thorns on each attack card was an unfortunate surprise, given that the shields from ability cards don't seem to happen on EoT discards.  

The Son attacking very infrequently made him much easier than normal combat encounters.  I'm not sure if this is an AI issue-- he seemed to want to spend a turn crying salt every time I lit him on fire, which was like every other turn so that may have been the problem.  Salt buildup could have been an issue, but incinerate is pretty common in the fan discoveries and I don't know how you would have a reliable source of fire damage without the fan-- everything else the rogue gets at least has expend.

Last embers+2xRummage+ Upgraded Sleight of Hand+Rogue's Shiv+Ace in the Sleeve+Incinerate is pretty much an infinite loop once your deck in small enough from expending cards.

Fun game, courage made for an interesting resource

Very fun, short game with a good story and art!  The Black Soup is extremely effective defensively, though, I gotta say, especially in combination with the double-damage helm and the power bracer thingies.  

The game was quite fun!  I am a little confused about the pickaxe form, though; I get that we defeat Whirlin by transmuting his staff, but I don't understand why pick doesn't beat rock since it's in the game :(

The game is fun, but eventually the levels get too long and the minimap covers most of the screen.  Also once you know every enemy's weaknesses there's pretty much no danger left.

Hard, but fun and well-executed

Beat the game.  Not getting to choose cards or even whether or not to accept a card makes the game very luck-based, particularly since there is only one viable strategy.  Nevertheless, the game is functional, which is an accomplishment in its own right.

Any plans for a PC version?

Very good game!  Is there a secret ending?

There are two such regions in the game, I believe.  One you can't cross because it is a hole in the space station's exterior hull and presumably going through it would lead to outer space (though why we can't take the probe to the station's exterior idk). The other is a section of snow where it looks like you should be able to jump up but the game won't let you.  If you check the map, you'll see there's no 'door' there, but the rooms are still accessible, just the floor goes all the way to the bottom and stops you from jumping up (I believe)

Fun game! The pogoing is a little precise given that-- at least online-- it lags sometimes, but since the full game will presumably not have the same occasional performance hiccups it's probably fine.  The switch-state blocks let you jump off them after triggering the switch even though you are mid-air (which may also apply to jumping in general), which is very useful in several puzzles.

It's pretty fun! My best score is 9 waves.  I don't know if there is an ending.

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Fun game!  Got the Pinwheels and went back to start and noticed the candles were lit, but was not sure what the next step was for 100%.  Reading comments it seems like that's it.

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The physics are still fun, though I'll have to relearn them to be able to do as much crazy stuff as was possible in the old game-- is it just me or do you fall significantly faster?  Andromeda doesn't fight back which is :(  Glad the project is still ongoing; I'll put up with either physics system or a much worse one if the character design and story pull through.

Unplayable: Shooting the dragon crashes the game! D:

(joking.  Game was fun, if a little short)

Does the game have multiple endings?  I assume not because of the time constraints, but the world-building made me really think there might be an alternative resolution. Particularly the room with the Fools.

Hop out of the water, *then* close your eyes and walk right.  Unlike with an unforged crown, it doesn't work if you stay in the water.

Great puzzle design for a ZDRL! I especially liked the variety in spells :)

Enemy variety was neat, and having a map with collision was nice, but there were some problems:

The final weapon is much worse than all previous weapons, and should be avoided. Weapons 2 and 3 are about as good as each other; weapon 2 is more reliable but weapon 3 can be useful if an excessive number of enemies begin closing on you.  Mouse controls to open the shop is not good, but luckily since there are so few items in it you will need to open the shop only a few times per game.

The real key to winning, though, seems to be hiding in a corner immediately and just using the starting gun.  I've attached a picture:

Although I stopped at 381, I think you could probably go on forever.  It's not a perfect lock, though-- you need to occasionally shoot enemies as they slowly slide in-- but it is close enough, and as the number of enemies and coins on screen grow your bullets for some reason seem to start shooting faster and doing more damage and knockback.  The game also lags like crazy with so many objects, of course, but the timer seems to be based on system or server time, not frames, so that doesn't directly impact score. You do occassionally take damage while doing this (not from any enemies but just from the game glitching out and slowly lowering your health), but changing the angle with which you are firing briefly seems to stop that, and your health either regenerates slowly even without the little red heart piece pickups or something, because the light will grow back up and you will eventually be at full health again.  The required input is why I stopped at 381, otherwise I woulda just left it running to see if it could last a couple hours or something.

Please please please add a run button or increase the default movement rate.  I know that armor is heavy, but the game is presently unbearably slow, which is a pity because the Orthodox Christianity of the setting has made many of the characters and societal details interesting even in this abbreviated form.

The starting pistol being the most important weapon is kinda funny. Beat it with pistol+rifle+railgun.  Explosive shots are nuts, but by the time you can afford them you've pretty much beaten the game, so that's probably okay. Railgun is probably unnecessary; I don't know for sure the rifle can hurt doombots but it probably can in which case two rifles is probably better. Game was fun. 

1135!  Fun game :)

Eu venci o jogo. Foi divertido, apesar da mecânica mínima. Reaparecer corações quando você morre é um pouco estranho; Parece melhor obtê-los apenas uma vez. (Desculpe pela tradução do Google, não entendo português, apenas espanhol e inglês)

Superé el juego. Fue divertido, a pesar de la mecánica mínima. Reaparecer los corazones cuando muere es un poco extraño; parece mas mejor solo obtenerles una vez. (Perdón por la traducción de Google, no entiendo portugués, solo español y inglés)

If you upgrade fire rate too much, the gun becomes automatic.I imagine if you also upgrade reload speed similarly you could go infinitely far.

You did fine!  12 levels was plenty long, and having a finite limit makes skills like woodclearing more valuable (since destroying trees gives you extra score you otherwise wouldn't have access to). I think the ideal session length for a game depends on what kind of game you are trying to design; for an arcade-style game like this I think 5 minutes is a pretty classic goal, but it makes sense for a run that wins to take longer than an average run most of the time.

Fun! Guard balls are pretty OP, but the winged shoes are even more powerful, though subtle.  Made it to floor negative 5 before stopping because I missed where you had said there's no ending XD;

Basically, antibodies not having all the stats of normal enemies crashes the game if you screech them.  This could be fixed by making screech never crit on antibodies, similar to leech, or by giving 'claw' (the antibody attack) a cooldown. Or giving antibodies a trait that renders them immune to all crits from everything all the time.  IDK. 

Also IDK if it is relevant but I had the crit chance up passive at the time.




action number 1

of Other Event: User Defined 0

for object obj_enemy_antibody:

Variable obj_enemy_antibody.claw_cooldown(100026, -2147483648) not set before reading it.

at gml_Object_obj_enemy_antibody_Other_10



stack frame is

gml_Object_obj_enemy_antibody_Other_10 (line -1)

called from - gml_Object_obj_control_Other_10 (line -1) - <unknown source line>

called from - gml_Object_obj_control_Step_0 (line -1) - <unknown source line>

It appears you can win by clearing level 12.

The game starts off fun, but by the time the third enemy type is showing up I feel like it starts really dragging on.  If there was a way to end turns early, or if there were less enemies per level it would help but levels with so many waves of enemies got pretty exhausting to me.

The glitch happened again.  I think it has to do with cancelling out of a selected character to view monster stats.

Oh, no I think the mechanics are fine!  It's a little hard to make sure you get to position characters where you want them and it's more difficult because you don't activate the secondary abilities of characters you switch to by reflecting off the edges of the screen, but I think that complexity is a big part of what makes the game fun.  

I do think that having to choose between healing and levelling up makes the game a bit exponential in that if you do well early then you will have stronger characters and be able to do better later but if you have to heal then the game will become even more difficult for you, but that kind of progression system is pretty popular right now, even if personally I feel like it means you have to restart until you perfect the first couple levels and only take level ups till you are maxed out XD;;

Got the saved-all-butterflies ending, then went back to get to the secret room in chapter 4, which took several resets because I kept flying into the cameras >.<  The secret room just goes outside and lets you explore OoB, which AFAIK has nothing in it.  Flying up from the exit (or around the entire map) leads to the victory screen, at which point you can win by flying to the trigger near the normal exit, but nothing happens except you are told you didn't find the butterfly exhibit.  You could also bring butterflies out with you this way, at least the one in chapter 4.

The game was fun, but I never figured out how to talk to the main menu :(

I leveled up to where the nova could keep me safe with a scroll active, then to where it was constantly on, then I had the wizard take a nap in his bed (in the library, top-right corner, about 5 minutes), cleared out the goblins that had built up "overnight", used the enhanced speed to phase through the world border and ascended to godhood at level 69.  Quite fun for a 72 hour game, but could use an actual victory screen out-of-bounds and certainly would benefit from a bit of enemy variety, though the map complexity is on-point and the 'advanced' enemy AI by survivors standards (the goblins walk *around* walls?  and even move on paths when we're not around? D:) makes up for it somewhat.

Buy enhanced cooldown.  Grab spell scrolls and remember they respawn.  Use feathers to walk through walls diagonally. Goblins only attack after they 'see' you by coming near to you, otherwise they follow predetermined movement patterns. This means the bottom left room is extremely crowded and vulnerable to the magic aura thingy.  Fireball size increase is good, but should wait until after shadow orbs (which you can follow for safety, they are slow-moving) and several enhanced castings.

Leaf shield OP-- you get a free extra casting when entering a new level with them already partially active, which in combination with Magic Missile and stalactites clears the entire game.

This reminds me of No Crypto for Old Men in a very good way.  I think the writing here is even better, or at least as good and there's a lot more of it, but the initially impressive hacking minigames lose their appeal a little quicker, which is unfortunate.  Cleared it on the third dive, which may or may not be optimal depending on if Alpha will message you after you exceed her score even if you trigger Vandal and Trix's event simultaneously.  Probably she will and you can do it in 2 dives, but I forgot to message Gatecrash before dive 1 and I haven't memorized calcubot so :D;

The game is quite fun, but I ran into a glitch after the second rest point where the active character, which was the archer, could be dragged around as if to swap with other characters but would stay slightly offset when released and the group would snap back into original formation once the screen was clicked.  The attack range stayed yellow the whole time and no attacks could be made or AP spent.  The end turn button still worked, and allowed the enemies to attack normally, but nothing else worked, so the game softlocked :(  

Also Spirit Armor is OP.

Ran out of steam on level 216.  Never managed to get 10 gold from early clear bonus on a room, only 9.  When enemies start spawning outside the map I thought I would lose but luckily timing out maintains bullets the same way entering a room does, so you can get a second wave of bullets to phase through the walls.  Also it seems that though the enemies per room are set, which if any are outside the walls is random, so you can just get lucky and have no enemies spawn outside the level, too.

Basic strategy was to have enough bullets on the screen when leaving a level to kill all the melee enemies in the next level instantly, so you can run straight to the exit without having to dodge any fireballs.