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Note that the game is NOT a psalm to God. 

While being able to deck out is an okay lose condition, not having any way to recycle cards makes the deckbuilding strategically simple; I just want to have as many cards as possible all the time and there's no real cost to having garbage cards in my deck.  Consider adding a condition under which the deck is reshuffled, perhaps after each boss.

"Dungeon level: 11/10"

Seems legit :P

I eventually made it to DL 15 before dying to offscreen direbirds.  Game is pretty fun, but the lack of win screen at DL 10 was disappointing.

If you get to the skelethrone on the level before the last boss, does it work?  I couldn't check because accidentally blowing myself up with all the bombs in my inventory was too difficult to avoid.

144.  Game is very fun!  Given your current leaderboard, may come back for a second playthrough and see if I can get top 10 ;)   Boosts are a big deal, of course, but the exponential enemy speed growth means that past level 14ish it doesn't much matter if your speed gets another ~2% improvement-- nitros (and maybe drills, haven't used those effectively yet) are the only things keeping you alive.  Also for the last several levels of a run, when you're barely making it each time, coins are where your points come from.  And when you know you're dead, it's time to fetch coins till the ref calls the game on account of everyone else finishing.

Pretty happy to make it this high on the leaderboard on my first try, though D:  I could probably have gotten another 1st place with better early play in terms of boost collection and mid-game nitro usage.

Victory should give extra coins for life remaining so as to discourage leaving the boss at 1 hp to go run around grabbing coins, probably.

This game is the most cute ^^  It is very good.

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Game is very good, but crashes after you kill the nightmare heart.  Note that if you are cool with infinite loops, you should really add a win-con button; steak+upgrades = as much health as you want once there are no enemy-only cards in your deck, assuming you can ensure starvation is impossible (not hard since steak is part of your win-con).

what does the inventory button do?  Also how does one pick ip the barrels of fuel one finds lying around?

no change at 200, at least after winning the game.  I won around 150 though.  Could try again and eject the tomato when low on satiety to ensure it doesn't trigger victory.  Probably nothing, though.

there's an easter egg/overflow bug for anyone who wants to go to floor 100.  Suddenly all sprites are chubby humanoid rat torsos with backpacks wearing sunglasses. Haven't yet checked to see if it changes again at 200.

Some bugs:

1) arrows kill enemies, not bows.  Bows require killing enemies to ID them (besides the more esoteric methods of IDing things).  Arrows require a number of turns to ID, presumably because the game thinks that you kill with bows, which you don't.  Or in any case the number of kills needed with a bow never goes down.

2) You can't use wands.  'u' only checks for if there's a keybound item, as far as I can tell. 

3) You can't use the highlighted letters on the title screen; you have to use directional keys and then press a confirmation key.

4) Sacral magic is really weird.  This might not be a bug, but if used properly it is vastly more powerful than most other skills.  You can buff a single weapon any number of times provided that the Sacral Weapon skill is a different level, which means you can have Sacral Weapon, Sacral Weapon II, and Sacral Weapon III (for example) all active on the same weapon at the same time indefinitely if you want.  That's a *lot* of extra good stuff ness (not sure what exactly the skill does but I'm pretty sure it makes your damage insane and the extra damage bypasses piercing damage resistance.  This is particularly weird because Sacral is one of the few skills you can train.  Just hold down the 'Sacral Weapon' key and you'll quickly find both that action and the Sacral skill levelling up like crazy.  It does cost a lot of food and water, though, so that's why I'm not sure this is a bug.

5) Sometimes the game just crashes.  Mostly happens when I'm attacking, mostly with ranged weapons.  Is pretty rare and crashes don't generate a morgue file so I don't have enough information to really guess at what's probably going on here.  

6) Arrow stacks split if some of them are in a target while the rest are identified.  Lets say you have 10 unidentified +1 arrows you are using to fight a goblin. You shoot 3 into the goblin and he dies.  Your arrows are IDed.  You pick up the arrows you shot off the corpse and they are still not IDed.  A couple turns later they are IDed as well, but they still can't stack with the previous ones they were a part of.  You forever now have two stacks of +1 arrows from the same depth.  Sometimes they are also assigned to the same key, because they are the same item, but one of them at random will always be the one the game selects first by that keybinding.

7) When you move by clicking the pathfinding is pretty good, but rarely it will move you into a chest.  If it does, it's Game Over cause you ain't ever getting out of that menu screen.  Worse still, you can't actually die since you can't exit the menu screen for more than an instant and no time passes when they automatic movement reopens the chest, so the game is softlocked and you have to close it.  Worse still, you can't close it normally because the game is programmed not to allow the 'X' button on the window to be pressed nor to accept program termination commands in most of the normal ways.  You must instead open task manager and end the process (on windows).

8) You can enter stairs even if you can't enter the space they are on, which is pretty cool.  Sometimes when a part of the stair's walls are chosen to be secret doors or they spawn diagonally included in another room you can use this to explore the dungeon much more efficiently, preventing you from having to backtrack all the way to the stairs so long as you can hop diagonally in through a crack in a wall.

9) You can 'd'rop cursed items like they're no big deal, even though you can't un'e'quip them or equip other items over them.  Considering I'm not sure how else you'd ever get rid of them unless they are a melee weapon (slimes) or ammo (shoot it or slimes), this might not be the worst thing ever.

10) I can't 'A'dmire my gold D:  I tried pushing 'A' but no matter how much I push it nothing happens.

11) some firing angles let you shoot columns or a wall instead of your target, letting you train up your ranged weapon skill many points for all those misses until your target wakes up and moves.  Sometimes you can empty your whole 40+ arrow starting quiver that way before that happens, though it's pretty rare to get that lucky,  Just make sure you can get to the arrow pile afterwards before you actually have to fight something.

12 a) Books of Slide Away (and upgraded versions) don't do anything if you already know Slide Away.

12 b) Books of Hack and Slash pop you up to Hack and Slash VII if you already know Hack and Slash (which you do).

13) UnIDed objects are often pretty obvious in their effects.  If it's armor and you have a non-magic piece of that armor the magic one won't compare against the non-magic one but the non-magic one will compare against the magic one just fine.

Do you have a better place to send bugs?  I don't wanna bother you with too much information ^^;;

I die a lot by walking down (or occasionally up) stairs and being instagibbed by walls.  Is there just a set chance of dying each time you first use a staircase or is there some way to reduce/avoid this?  It doesn't seem to count as a trap and the reaction jump out of the way ability you get on ranged characters doesn't work against it.

Coolest way to escape: Hitch a ride on a derelict capital ship.  For whatever reason, they're not affected by gravity nor collisions with you so they won't slow down.  You need an invincibilty powerup (the blinky fuel star thing) and a cruiser set up to give you a second one after the first wears off to make it work, though.

Will there be a non-phone version?  The game is very good but it would be nice to be able to have a flash version or something, like with the demo.

It was a victory :)  Final score 1765.  I was pretty freaked out by the Emperor Wight seeming to summon stuff so I doused it with copious amounts of acid.  Didn't expect that to be the end of the game, though; I must have miscounted the floors XD;  The game was fun and I think it's a good foundation overall.

Here's a review:

Good things: 

  •   A party-based roguelike is pretty unique, and of those that exist this certainly seems like the simplest, at least that I've seen.
  • Every stat is important for the player character
  • The ally AI is very good for the first 4ish floors; fighting until there are no enemies and then picking up loot is a pretty good barebones algorithm. Not drinking every un-ided potion off the ground as quickly as possible is important, too.
  • you can quicksave!  That is a nice QoL thing.
  • Combat is quite satisfying, and there is meaningful progression for the PC and each ally individually in the form of loot and levels, as well as progression for the group as a whole both in adding new members and improving existing ones.  You can see how good you've gotten by fighting a giant worm (mostly) on your own, or let your two expert archers shred a blob before letting anyone into the room, or have your whole army smash through multiple waves of imps and red beetles and that's pretty impressive, too.
  • Not needing LOS to be informed that one of your allies has wandered off by themselves to fight a red beetle and giant worm at the same time and could maybe use some assistance thank you very much.

Bad things/improvements:

  • Wisdom does *nothing* for NPC allies at present.  I got a dude with 10 wisdom and 8 vitality, 3 strength, 5 courage (or something like that) and it was pretty sad.  I get NPCs not using potions, but there's got to be something to do here.  Maybe a balance, like having them ask before using potions and the goblins vote?  Maybe they only use potions when scared?  Maybe only ID'd potions?  Maybe allies can ID equipment for you? idk.  *Something*.  Using the attack wand would be at least better.
  • after level 4ish, the goblins penchant for running off alone into hordes of enemy monsters, potentially in separate directions, gets to be a pretty serious problem.  I was lucky to start with 10 vitality and courage, because if you want them to survive you have to charge in harder just to pull them back out via movement swapping against their will.  You really need, like, a 'stealth' mode or something where the goblins agree to hole up in a room until the enemies are gone or whatnot.  This isn't as much a problem on the lower floors, because with less goblins there's less to manage and it's not as noticeable nor annoying.
  • I had 6 allies at the end of the game.  That's awesome but it's also REALLY annoying because the last two goblins would get stuck on random corridor turns and in random rooms all the time and I'd have to head counts like every 2 rooms just to make sure one of them wasn't off getting themselves killed.  Even so, somebody ran off after a hammer without me noticing and nearly got themselves killed.
  • graphics.  The same color is used for all items, making it impossible to tell at a glance what tier an item is, leading to npcs in the back suddenly running off after hammers when nobody's looking.  Thank goodness for the morale system.
  • The enemies have abilities, but they mostly seem a bit too easy to deal with. An upgraded red beetle or phantom could be a good addition.  You'd need a way to tell your goblins to *actually* retreat first though, probably.
  • Also I want the game to be longer because it was fun and a unique idea, but I always want that for good games and there's nothing wrong with being a coffee-break roguelike instead,

Excellent game so far!  My only complaint is that I've yet to find an ally who chooses to use wands and I'm beginning to suspect that's because my character's Wisdom score is 3, even though I've now got a buddy with 10 wisdom.  Maybe they are just rare, though; I've only a single goblin archer so far and they are definitely doing a lot of the team-carrying.  Everybody else is melee.  I like the tactics involved in this game and the way you have to manage morale.  So far I've a level 9 goblin named Taikal on floor 5 of the dungeon with 5 buddies, but this first run is definitely taking a *lot* longer than the half-hour estimate, so I'm hoping the save feature works.

Every room is locked, but almost no rooms have keys.

Went down in the caves for a long while but eventually I reached a staircase that just didn't work.  A reaper walked on it before I did, does that lock the staircase somehow?