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Lava does not deal damage while waiting in it, nor while teleporting in.  The invisible wall past the endless lava sea seems a bit unnecessary-- if you made the map a little bigger you'd run out of mana and die before too long.  It seems extra unnecessary given the *visible* wall past the endless lava sea that you can't reach because the invisible wall is before it.  Also the visible wall past the invisible wall in the endless lava sea doesn't block LoS so you can see the lava continuing behind it.

Dream costs too much mana to cast.  Maybe you can cast it if you kill every skeleton on the world map but I got pretty up there on mp/levels and I couldn't ever cast it.  The trick, if it is even possible, is to kill all of the skeletons without letting any die to lava.  This is, of course, pretty luck-based but if you get a feel for the generation patterns and stuff you can do pretty okay at it.  I got 16 max mp (I think actually 18 but I'm not sure and I know for sure 16) and I felt like that was probably a bit more than half the skeletons.  It's probably not possible to level up enough to cast Dream.

Dungeons are a death trap.  Once you enter you can't ever leave-- there's no 'up' stairs.  There are also no skeletons, so no xp, so no chance at casting Dream.  There might be something interesting through the walls, but since pickaxes don't stack or possibly don't do anything, cutting through all that solid rock is way too much of a pain for me to check.  Thunderwave's damage is unresisted, though, so if you find a way to regen mana *besides* levelling up that would make it much more feasible.  To avoid dungeons, you have to not step on any entrances (grey triangles)-- you automatically go down if you do.

Trees are fine to cut down, especially once you have a few knives under your belt.  Rocks are okay if it's just one or two, but are a real pain in groups.  Solid rock takes a *long* time to hack through, and knives hardly make much of a difference. Water is safe, lava is 10 damage aka death.

Skeletons basically can't hurt you after 2 shields, and I've never even once been hit at 5+.

Well, cool!  I look forward to learning more of the story whenever the next release is ^^

You need to ghost multiplayer matches when no match is found after some duration.  As-is the wait for a real-time game makes the game feel completely dead.

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Because the cards you end a floor with carry over to the next one and because card draw possibilities are contextual, it is pretty simple to figure out the pattern to always win-- at least as far as I played.  Are there any new enemies past floor appx 18?   I died to time out when I scrolled down to read through the comments.  The floors past 11 definitely get very long, also, btw

This game is really, really good.  Excellent blend of genres and narratives. Surprisingly balanced game for a CCG (at least until you get to Wendy's cards).  Banning Heaven's Open Door is a nice touch.  

Yeah, that would certainly be simpler to make less grindy :)

I think it's fine, but it makes your starting cards less important, and makes getting good drops (not so much what cards appear but what card you are allowed to swap out on a given turn) really important.  It also rewards playing a single level as long as possible rather than opting for a quick victory.  This means, for example, that healing abilities are somewhat more valuable in the early game since they help you drag out an easy fight while you wait for the cards you want to spawn.

How do picked up cards work?  Do they enter your deck?  Do they stay for the whole Arena?

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Just found this and it is excellent.  I hope more is coming someday.

Some issues:

lever positions reset when you leave/re-enter screens.  This is weird, and a little annoying.

The door in the back of Lauren's house is locked, but the basement door isn't, but the basement door just puts in the normal entrance

Rod's house is called the other people's house (Tara and Lester?) on its title card

You can't talk to Tara in Deep Town, even if you are in the appropriate proximity (e.g. via chain dash jumping left from the ledge near Lauren's house and then double jumping up near the platform)

You are kinda a jerk to people, for no reason I can discern at present.  Like, the first boss you take her core and just have Lauren use it as a power source till it dies-- that's kinda... harsh.  And then you're just like "Oh, Flynn keeps a prismatic in a torture box as a slave for fun.  That's fine, cause they were dumb to let themselves get put in a torture box" which is not great. You also don't react to people not treating you like a person pretty much any of the time, but maybe that is internalized antiprismatic sentiment.  Or maybe you *aren't* sapient?  That would explain everything, but I don't buy it based on the motivations the prismatic characters seem to be expressing.

When the subway spawns, it's solid even before it gets into the station.  Chain-dashing and jumping right off the weather station lets you jump off the subway at high speed while it is in mid-air before you eventually hit the water.  This leads to the command 'relocating to somewhere safe' being printed, but it is actually not safe because then you respawn in the patch of air where the subway was and fall into the water again.  Fortunately, the game then spawned me back on shore or I dashed there from spawn, not sure which.

You don't need to talk with Flynn to pick a fight with Richter.  Val's happy to do it all on her own.

Flynn mentions the sword the notes on the last update say you removed.  It wasn't too jarring, but it should probably be changed.

Not necessarily.  If your goal is for the player to never be stuck, then you have succeeded.  It's just that a consequence of that/this implementation of that is that the game has no natural end.

Because the moves left reset to 8 each score and you can always score within 8 moves, the game never ends unless you choose for it to.

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How do I scroll text?  For example, I can't see most of the classes in the starting class list because they are off the bottom of the screen but I also can't, as far as I can tell, scroll the text.  Is this a sizing issue?  Is there a way to fullscreen or window the game so that it works?  I tried downloading the standalone but that doesn't work either.  How can I make text scroll so I can read it?

Furthermore, my map has disappeared and I don't know how to bring it back.  And the lack of information about these kinds of commands in general is frustrating.

Beat it.  The game feels a bit much like wandering aimlessly. I know 3^6 is only 729 different rooms and you are only in danger in red ones but wandering between them takes a very long time and has no clear objective besides sticking to blue until the end or if you have run out of rooms-- you may well have to go down before you can go up in any given direction.  I'm glad there is an end screen, though, that is nice.

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Simple enough.  Only hard part was figuring out that to teleport back you need to enter the code in backwards.  Also, unclear if there is any ending besides the one where you give up the sword.  The game seemed very ending-y before the forest-y place, but then you go through a bit and *then* it ends, which was weird.  Not sure if I did something wrong there.  Front door dialogue after the stairs happen is pretty good.  Puzzles and how to solve them were, as mentioned, telegraphed well.  That killing the friendly monsters is probably a kindness is set up effectively.

Killed her with Lightning Rod this time and it seemed to work fine.  Door opened up when I walked into it and then the teleporter gave the game over screen.

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Is the game supposed to freeze when you beat Meg?  I beat her with the explodey move and it hit a summoned skull on the same turn, which resulted in her and her summons disappearing and then the game freezing.  Maybe that's just what happens when you win, though. She also had that purple whip thing out that turn, if that maybe matters.

Cool idea.I see what you mean by substantial structure and surface (i.e. font and A,B,C walls) but I'm not sure which you mean by which.  Music is good.  Now you just need the game part.

Game is fun, but if you get good enough to survive the first couple worlds there's a rhythm to the shield power ups and you can pretty much just go forever.  I was gonna stop at world 100 but stopped at 5K points instead because I accidentally overshot.  I think the game would benefit from an end.  World 100 would be an okay ending spot.

Seems a lot like Dungeon Mercenary, but a bit stripped down.  I really liked Dungeon Mercenary; the rune system is pretty cool.  I'm glad you kept that.  I read your blog post about stopping development, and I think that makes sense, but the games were still cool, though.

The screen proportioning is so bad that even fullscreen doesn't fix it.  The game is good, but not being able to have it all on one screen is really annoying.

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Beat it.  It was fun, but there is very little room for error; 7 spare fuel possible if I did my math right and I only saved three.  The naming conventions could use work; for example it is not clear that 'Farm' means a mostly Farmland shore or island rather than any space of farmland itself, while 'adjacent to two Marsh' means adjacent to two marsh hexes, not two patches of hexes.  It's also not clear that 'a grassy shore'  means only specifically shores of grass tiles and not other grassy tiles like flowers or farmland.

Because the doors are colored, a player can mentally undo the rotational effects of triangulation and model the map not as a hypercube but as a linked list sort of like a tree data structure.  This makes navigation more-or-less equivalent to a non-euclidean 2D rather than 4?D space.  In particular it reminded me of the apple orchards in Hyper Rogue but with a finite amount of space and wrapping.

Game is pretty awesome.  There is a LOT of content, given that it is a pre-alpha.

Needs fullscreen

The rules say you only need the front tile of the carriage on the far right column.  Actually you need that and it to be attached to the rear tile.

Replayed the game and got the ending.  It is neat :)  The game was very fun, though the bugs can be pretty frustrating but that's expected in a 7DRL.  The interaction of processes and ingredients is cool, particularly in that there's no limit to how processed you can make something except time.  A pretty good strategy seems to be to make an Improves Stat, Fumes, Adrenaline potion (it would be even better if you got it to improve both stats but I haven't done that yet because time is a pretty serious concern.  Either stat works but STR is easier) and then just age the heck out of it-- fumes gets better exponentially and even a single point of adrenaline means you can eat the whole cloud.  The increase in stat improvement likelihood is also nice if that's in the right slot.

It does seem, though, that if you muck with an ingredient too much it can cause problems-- the game starts outputting error messages occasionally at the very least.  The processes are cool in that they do a good job of being thematic given the limitations-- if you boil something long enough/enough times you usually end up with nothing, for example, and rotten food is usually bad.  It's a little weird that spoiling is sometimes really good and you can't do that without fermenting first.  

Fumes is by far the most powerful ability-- it can multiply a potion's effect by 9 at the lowest levels-- but it doesn't help with offensive potions and it doesn't do anything on its own so that's kind of interesting.  Persists is sad-- it pretty much only matters with Fumes and only if your cloud doesn't have adrenaline.  For offensive potions it's not really needed because a good offensive potion should be useable in melee and Persists doesn't let clouds get used multiple times (which would be rediculous, admittedly).  Persist, however, seems to be pretty buggy-- persist items trigger the bug where splashed ingredients aren't consumed more often than other items.

The limited inventory space really makes Improves Stat items essential.  You can't carry very many Heal/Teleport/Paralyze/Adrenaline/Burn potions and each of those solves mostly just a single fight (Heal is better, but the issue there is you get nothing from fights and you will run out eventually) and limits what else you can pick up.  Improves Stat is permanent and, at high levels, makes you able to easily cruise through the whole game without taking very much damage even without potion use.

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I'm not sure how you end the game.  Once you get the Quinta Essentia (lift curse without any kill effects), and you get it back to the sorceress, what do you do?  dropping the item in her space does nothing, as far as I can tell-- the item merely shifts off into another square.  Splashing the item results in '(Azhmaya liver with Bictea) effects the dying sorceress!' (in this case the essentia was made via mixing with a fume, improve strength, persistence,  persistence herb) with no other effects.  The fumes effect you also, of course, which gives you a cautionary message that makes it sound like you weren't simultaneously affecting the sorceress, but there's no message when the sorceress is affected besides the aforementioned one and her timer keeps counting down.  I still have the potion even after splashing it, though (double persistance may be part of letting you do that, I thought, but it works even with Lift Curse instead so that's weird) so as long as I drop and pick up the item after each use I can keep filling the area with fumes.  Is there an amount of Lift Curse that's needed?  I only have it at 1 currently.

I tried getting rid of the Fume effect and it didn't work.  Probably should have tried boosting lift curse first because now the essentia is gone :/  'affects the Dying sorceress' just like always but no victory.

Okay, I misunderstood the timer.  I thought it counted down to victory, not auto defeat.  In that case the bug (not being able to restart, the video obviously shouldn't play) occurred after timing out in the final area of the game.  I've replayed and got the ending, it seems to work fine.

That snail has a *lot* of health.  It eventually died, but I don't know how to continue the game from there.  Is that the end?

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Wait, what?  Is there an ending?  I survived the third region, but it just gave me a game over screen when the timer hit 0.  I mean, I wouldn't expect a cutscene or anything except there is an intro one and it doesn't even have a different message or anything as far as I can tell.  It's just kinda disorienting, and also maybe I did something wrong?

Ok, definitely the end because then you can't restart-- 'press space to try again' just flickers the start screen with the timer at '-1'.  Game was pretty great before that, though, the music and backgrounds are pretty awesome.

Why is this tagged 'roguelike'?

The only true enemy is the ability to walk left.  If you walk into a wall, you must reset.

Note that the game is NOT a psalm to God. 

While being able to deck out is an okay lose condition, not having any way to recycle cards makes the deckbuilding strategically simple; I just want to have as many cards as possible all the time and there's no real cost to having garbage cards in my deck.  Consider adding a condition under which the deck is reshuffled, perhaps after each boss.

"Dungeon level: 11/10"

Seems legit :P

I eventually made it to DL 15 before dying to offscreen direbirds.  Game is pretty fun, but the lack of win screen at DL 10 was disappointing.

If you get to the skelethrone on the level before the last boss, does it work?  I couldn't check because accidentally blowing myself up with all the bombs in my inventory was too difficult to avoid.

144.  Game is very fun!  Given your current leaderboard, may come back for a second playthrough and see if I can get top 10 ;)   Boosts are a big deal, of course, but the exponential enemy speed growth means that past level 14ish it doesn't much matter if your speed gets another ~2% improvement-- nitros (and maybe drills, haven't used those effectively yet) are the only things keeping you alive.  Also for the last several levels of a run, when you're barely making it each time, coins are where your points come from.  And when you know you're dead, it's time to fetch coins till the ref calls the game on account of everyone else finishing.

Pretty happy to make it this high on the leaderboard on my first try, though D:  I could probably have gotten another 1st place with better early play in terms of boost collection and mid-game nitro usage.

Victory should give extra coins for life remaining so as to discourage leaving the boss at 1 hp to go run around grabbing coins, probably.

This game is the most cute ^^  It is very good.