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Pretty nice, too bad about the ending

Lots of movement options!

The enemies have way too much health, which makes sense because of the combo mechanic, but the combo mechanic is only usable if you have a very fancy mouse set up since it is time based rather than number of hits without being hit based.  Would be better if enemies had significantly less health and the combo mechanics were revamped. 

Very neat!

Weird end time, but fine enough game.

Beat the boss.  Nothing new up to 560 kills.  I think it just needs an end screen

Seems pretty complete to me! Simple but still pretty fun

Fun game!  Good luck on the full release.  

Congrats on making this in 72 hours!  It's not half bad :)

Very nice!

Retrying after loss keeps the boss's level but resets your character.

Beat it.  It went on a bit long-- levels 11-19 were all pretty much the same since by that point you emit at stream of constant bubbles that kill all enemies in one hit and pierce them, so only the urchins matter but you level up every couple seconds if you care to so they don't matter very much.  The boss died almost instantly, but overall the game was fun anyhow, I'd say.

Figured it out.  It's the number of cards on your side of the field in all spaces to the left of them (for one side, right of them for the other).

I have no idea how cards count the number of cards on the side of them.

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Ok, thanks. Got the door version now-- my problem before was I never noticed the third swiss cheese man and so thought you were supposed to go in a straight line through the second one, which obviously never worked.  A little weird that the ending is the same either way, but still neat.

I found the key, but I can't figure out where the door is.

Fun! I didn't get an infinite loop, but I got pretty close with conversion of mountains, energize, and storm, with enough marks of creation the conversion produced about as much wood as it consumed.

So this isn't my area of expertise, but I believe Application.persistentDataPath only persists for the lifetime of a browser instance for Web GL applications based on: .  This is similar to how a session cookie-- that is, a cookie with no expiration date-- works.

Regarding tutorials: looks pretty good, but basically you set cookies with assignments to document.cookie using javascript and read them back by setting a string to document.cookie and then scanning through it for your specific name.  There are other ways, and maybe there's something else that's the best practice for WebGL-- I'm not a WebGL programmer.  But if you *do* use cookies the thing I was trying to say was that if you don't explicitly set an expiration date (conventionally 1 full year past current time) the cookie is deleted when the browser instance ends, which can be counter-intuitive.


Thanks for the explanation! In my case I had four snakes and two or three plastic bricks and the hand was rainbow king, rainbow king, rainbow king, king of hearts, king of spades. I believe this paid out the straight rewards and the flush rewards but not the slinky.  It's possible I am remembering incorrectly, though, since its been a few days. Regardless, the tooltip will solve the problem I think :)  Thanks as always

Are you using persistent rather than session cookies to handle save data?

Woah, you can have a flush five that's not a flush?

Fair enough on the two pair vs four of a kind

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Beat the daily challenge!

Suggestions: A flush five that is also a straight could be a straight flush five.  Even without that, a flush five that is a straight should trigger the slinky (it didn't currently, the one time I checked). Also a four of a kind should probably count as including two pair (and also things could work similarly for 5 of  kind and full house).

Otherwise game is pretty fun

If an effect lets you need less cards for a straight flush, you should then need less cards for a straight flush.

Very fun demo!  Looking forward to the full game :)

Thanks.  I tried it out and got to level 13.  Best of luck fleshing out the game and getting it to work on itch.

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yeah. I don't normally use flagging, however, so I didn't notice the joke >.<;; A friend recommended this to me and I was confused and thought it was just a port.  Knowing that it's a joke my suggestion probably isn't worthwhile/a good idea

Beat it.  I think it would be nice if it was a bit longer-- 870 is a weird number to end on.  1000 would be a nicer number, I think, with one more biome to cap everything off. Although even longer would not have been a problem if the biomes kept changing.

Quite good!  I like the variety of mechanics and the pacing, even though the core system is very simple.  I would, however recommend:

1) Add a visual indicator for the wind at ~700m.  Wind is already a somewhat frustrating mechanic in most platformers, and while it is a fine addition here, the lack of indication as to its changing direction and magnitude isn't adding anything in my opinion.

2) Add a bit more of an indication at the beginning as to how we ought to start the climb-- I missed the platform on top of the shop because I didn't realize only the right half was solid and spent a few minutes looking for another way up before I realized my error.

The game window crops most of the game out, rendering the work unplayable.  A fullscreen option, downloadable version, or better monitor support would fix this.

Yeah, I figured, it's trying to find a way to a save after scanning the stone takes forever when I don't even know where to go on the first jump and missing it means I have to reset and lose ~5 minutes of progress ;.; Congratulations anyhow; knowing it is possible is pretty cool :)

How do you get more builds for expanse?  I have 0 hammer thingies.

OMG that is crazy!! Would you mind sharing how many species there are total?  I don't know how to tell how close to 100% I am ^^;;  Also any advice on the stone where you have to avoid the warp to the softlock to get there would be appreciated-- I can get there but I have no idea how I'm supposed to get back to a save without softlocking afterwards

Beat glitch mode!  I wasn't sure before, but MAN do glitched cards suck XD

Implementation of an algorithm that prevents 50/50s would be nice, if you haven't already.



Would have liked to put the melodies on a double length loop, but I'm happy with the percussion at least.

Reloaded the auto save to finish.  Excellent game!  Very fun and it had a lot of excellent parts wrt the writing.  Overall, I wished it had more specific reactions / excuses why things don't work / alternative ways to solve puzzles for using certain items/spells on stuff, but it wasn't frustrating to the point where I needed a walkthrough (which is lucky, since there isn't one yet) and most of the solutions were satisfying once I figured them out, though there were a handful of notable exceptions.  I look forward to the third installment-- we still have a necromancer to catch after all!

Note: In the ending sequence if one talks to Theodore but then selects 'back', the scene is misnamed ("In the crowded coach" when it should be "In the crowded carriage") and so a fatal crash occurs.

Figured out the tree trunk thing.  Still think arm+arm should have worked or regular reaching shouldn't have been just out of reach.