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this one was actually hard, it took three tries to get the right rng and strategy

(did it mostly without in/out room spamming, except with water bottle)

gonna do a run without directly attacking enemies (except on the exit floor)

did another run without angry bat. was still not difficult, although I did end with 13 hp (I still used apples)

I did it. it was the opposite of hard.

gonna do a no health potion run.

952 actions 251000 score. this game needs progressive balancing, ie. it needs to get harder as you get more actions.

I currently have 884 actions.

current high score:

85200 with 186 actions remaining

this game is easy

there are two players

I love the meta reveal, although I wish it was  more linear (is it?) 

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I may have found the infinite combo with baguette knife that kills every enemy after you kill an enemy.

edit: in actuality it just deals a lot of damage to all enemies, and continues dealing more if it kills at least one, but unfortunately the combo is not "infinite"

I just noticed, why does it say that ice cream reduces heat by 5, when the little floating reduction number says -8?

yeh, this game really needs some balancing, this is the easiest rouge-like I've played, and I've played at least four. 

the fact that this bug still exists and no-one else seems to have noticed it indicates how many people play the game either only once (per session) or without sound

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this game is very easy by the way, (I could easily play without picking up a single health potion) I think the problem is just with stacking the relic that heals you when you kill an enemy. it seems relatively common in the early game, and you don't have to have a lot of it before you reach the point where you only take damage if multiple enemies hit you at once (and there is always at least one enemy you can one hit).

edit: played several times, best game stats: 163 coins, 13 keys, 4 choppers, 5 snowmen, 6 amm_bush, 2 glasses, 3 angry bats, 2 big pockets, 2 bonkers, 3 magic feathers, 1 friendly soul, 3 baguette knife,  3 lemon,  1 dynamite boy, 1 pirate hook and 2 lance. (this is all from a single run)

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it's surprisingly easy to reach a point where you just stay at max block and health without doing enough damage, especially  against the healing enemy.

I like how shield is like a second health bar though. I don't think I've ever seen that interpretation of shield before.

that is a very important and bad bug!

can you please add an inverted click option? it makes it a lot easier to not mis-click without a mouse.

the auto clear rules make serpents and ghosts very obvious

Ctrl q to skip a level,  but the later levels only get harder

easy game once you figure it out. I liked the trick reveal on the last level!

if you do the math (dealer chooses randomly unless it's the last one) then in any case where neither of you have items and the shotgun has one live and up to four blanks, it is still better to take that 1/5 chance of shooting the dealer, because they are always equally likely to shoot either you or themselves, and you mostly only care about them giving a loaded gun back to you, ideally one that they might accidentally shoot themselves with after you attempt to shoot them again. (of course, with items it gets more complicated and sensible, but sometimes it's better to try and waste a bullet on yourself if you have bad items, just so the dealer doesn't hit you with double damage)

I also just want to mention that it's always better to shoot the other on the last round because skipped turns don't carry over after items, and the player always gets the first turn.

reload page to avoid unwanted consequences from coin flip.

also, I don't know how I did it, but I made the r constantly teleport two spaces back and forth onto the arrow keys character (every time I used the other character). I don't know how I set this up, but I started the level by arranging the letters in a 2 by 3 rectangle.

also, i think there's a glitch where if you push an inverted frog with a non-inverted frog, while you are on top of the inverted frog, the inverted frog will move twice.

this is the pinnacle of cursedness

the way math works, it should be statistically likely that you are able to win each fight, especially if you know how to use the sword to essentially get free add/subtract operations.

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what does "collect on it's debts" mean? is there some special interaction there?

does the collector use the cards that you refused after battles!?

I like the credits in full screen. adds to the glichyness

the skip level shortcut

who is kim?

I feel like the "intended" solution is honestly harder, but also quite smart. 

I prefer puzzles with a unique solution, they are much more satisfying, and it's easier to tell that you solved it correctly. 

I'm not using any of the more common computer types (windows, max). I'm using an acer Chromebook.  also I don't know where I would find painter.

I probably should have edited my post for this, but I should clarify that the two accumulators looping on themselves was actually to turn 6 outputs into 4

then I think every 2 steps of optimization = +1 to score

the meta stuff was the wormholes.

but you can than predict the order of the cards, basically giving you free "hallway pass" if you put enough work into it. yes, if you change something, your score might change, but unless a card is burnt, or you have rigged the card order differently, you can just write down the order of cards, and maybe even predict when your opponent will bust.