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there needs to be negative and tarot starting decks. also make it so negatives have interesting effects on negative blackjack so you can still win.

I think there may be a bug where it might invert colours. idk it only happened to me once.

I think it would be hilarious to have a card that is just the 22 or 23 of the suit. That way, not even the rules card can stop it from being terrible!

The elephant line got me. Great job!

Just FYI, playing on a laptop and don't have delete key. Could you make the backspace key?

Just Chillin'

Cool Cameo!

i win!

man i wish this could be on the app store

It doesn't flip back to the white side if the black player wins

Ok. I was only mentioning it as the game start screen says that they exist. Have a nice day!

neither the undo nor the restart functions are working for me.

Man, it probably would help if I was better at Tetris. Can't wait to see what comes next! Actually, I probably can.