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Hey Doborg, first of all... that all looks amazing, you've done a great job!!

Secondly, I see in the gifs it seems incredibly difficult, if not impossible to be able to kill the hammer robots with a melee weapon... of course you can just risk it and quickly advance and take a swing, but a lot of the time even if you do hit them, it wont kill them. (unless your lucky with a hand or headshot).

I know we can use the spikes and saws around the map to kill them, and obviously using a bow would be very effective in this case... but is there any way to "RELATIVELY" safely kill these guy with your sword, or even a hammer? I know with the normal sword robots you can trick them to strike and then quickly attack with a horizontal strike and hopefully slice them in half... is it possible to do with these hammer enemies?

It would be awesome if we had some kind of duck upgrade, where we would just barely duck under the swinging hammer.

Apart from that, this update looks great and I cant wait to play it! The count down begins!!!


No need to worry Bob, as far as their AI goes, they pack together and hit eachother often. Their hammer's are destructive and can hit any bot, so dont worry


True, but I fear you'll get too close to them to try and make them attack and then they'll hit you (and possibly the other enemies) with their hammer, as they have a longer reach.


oh yeah! I'm dumb, so I've just realized that the hammer blots make the bow much more desireable!


I will for sure adjust the difficulty so they're not impossible to beat.

The Mark 1 and 2 are a lot easier, so we'll see where it makes sense to use the mark 3 and exactly how difficult it should be.


*creates level with 5 spidertrons-7000, 10 mk2 jetpack bots, 20 mk3 swords, 30 mk3 archers, 40 mk2 jetpackarchers (idk how,seeing as they are exclusive to twitch mode) 50 mk3 hamer bots, and finally, 100 mk3 jethammer bots*

(Analysis-Bot #6) now we watch the human die



This, is my nightmare.