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Did you get a chance to look at it yet? I suspect it's a pretty easy fix, the problem seems to be the fact that the latest version is hosted on Google drive and Google likes to put a page inbetween the link and the actual download. If you hosted using the same method as the previous versions it should fix the problem.

Ok, I've added a file "Neofeud - Itch Client Version" that should work in the Itch Client. Maybe give it a try?

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No luck I'm afraid, still "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website.".

EDIT: Ok, this is kind of odd. Checking it out through the website, the "Itch client version" is still hosted on google drive and says it was uploaded around 2 years ago. The version entitled "Neofeud version 1.3" which was hosted on google drive before now says it was updated 2 days ago and is no longer hosted on google drive. Weirdly though, that version doesn't show up in the client, like maybe there's a flag set to stop it from appearing as an option on the client?

Is it possible that you got mixed up and the old non-working version 1.3 got renamed to "itch client version" and the new fixed one got named "version 1.3"? Given that one was modified 2 days ago and the other one was 2 years ago it seems like that's what might have happened. Assuming there are flags that say whether it's visible in the itch client or not, you probably just have to swap the flags.

Hm, there's no flag to hide in the Itch Client. I tried switching the files around and adjusting a few settings.  Try checking to see if the Itch Client Version works in client now?

That did the trick, thanks!


Sorry to bug you again, but I've just discovered that the "Itch Client Version" is still 1.1 rather than 1.3. Any chance you could update it? 



In Itch the "Neofeud - Itch Client Version" launcher option is version 1.3 even though it doesn't say a version.

That's odd, because I started playing it last night and in the game itself it claims to be version 1.1...