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A system agnostic adventure setting for ttrpgs
Minimalist Monstrous Roleplaying
A semi-automated template for experimenting and finding the perfect type size and leading.
a gmless ttrpg where you play vampires restoring the sun
A ttrpg Zine about Pigeons. Wait, really? Yes! Get ready for their corny adventures in Dirty Town
A tabletop roleplaying game about superpowers, cosmic horror, and the importance of community.
A storytelling game for one player, the newly-appointed keeper of an ancient zoo created by a long-gone society.
A three-game bundle in zine format celebrating horror, monsters, and the creation thereof.
a punk fantasy zine rpg
Attend magic school for days of wonder and nights of adventure!
A role playing game to be played outdoors, at a blurry distorted distance | Zine Quest 3
a tabletop role-playing game about the drama and excitement of skating in a roller derby bout
a 1+ player ttrpg about music, road trips, and finding yourself.
A system-neutral wilderness exploration zine for fantasy RPGs
Tabletop RPG Bestiary Zine
A collaborative story-reading game for 1-5 players about love and the things we value.
Grab your axe, go the weird woodlands, and make a name for yourself!
Adventure across a vampire planet flooded in blood!
A ZineQuest roleplaying game of theme-park deception and awakening androids
L'essentiel pour jouer en français à Obachan Panic!
A zine which takes you on a journey from mortal to divine. Use it as a single-player roleplay or TTRPG supplement.
A tabletop roleplaying game zine about magical maintenance workers in a sprawling, technomantic city.
An I-Cut, You-Choose, Print-And-Destroy, Craft-RPG-Game Zine for 2 players
Our second miscellany-style ZineQuest TTRPG anthology
Grim dark dungeon crawler gamezine
16+ monsters for OSR/Fantasy games. Now on Kickstarter.
A system neutral sandbox for Fantasy RPGs with or without the dragons
Be the Monster
Death in RPGs is a given, but does it have to be?
Variant rules for 5e
An I-Cut, You-Choose, Print-And-Destroy, Craft-RPG-Game Zine for 2 players
Horror in Appalachia! Contorta is a token-draw RPG designed to be playable around the campfire and under the night sky.
An enviro-metal post-apocalyptic OSR adventure that imagines the rebirth of high fantasy in the next age of Earth.
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