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Classless, Discovery-Based Advancement
Un jeu de rôle de sabres et d'aventures, tiré de Lasers&Feelings
A Game of Wuxia Melodrama, Powered by the Apocalypse
A Danmei Story is a TTRPG inspired by Chinese Boys Love, Xianxia and Wuxia.
A Thousand Year Old Vampire Inspired Wuxia Game
a bilingual game of four-character martial poetry (actually free)
A wuxia tabletop roleplaying game about learning what it means to wield a sword.
A wuxia tabletop roleplaying game
A PbtA game of elemental magic, kung-fu, wuxia action in the style of AtLA!
A game of glorious wuxia mayhem
Un jeu Role party d'intrigues voilées, de passions interdites et de drames courtois.
3-player storygame about staying human despite being deemed monstrous
An Alternate Setting & Rules Supplement for Hearts of Wulin
Wuxia Mystery Roleplaying for Hearts of Wulin
Kung fu action. Take on crowds! Learn new techniques! Be awesome!
A wuxia themed hack of John Harper's Lady Blackbird, about figuring out what is right and what must be done.
Aide de jeu pour cadrer des scènes dans un village wuxia
A Wuxia RPG using Mahjong Tiles
A wuxia themed hack of John Harper's Lady Blackbird, about three people who swore loyalty to each other.
单人叙述游戏,“推动”(Push-Powered) 一个离别苦的武侠故事
Inspired by Exalted, Wuxia, Xianxia, and Final Fantasy
A one-page game to play Chinese Boys Love in a Xianxia World.
A Wuxia RPG compatible with Worlds Without Number
a martial arts style available in Ten Thousand Days For the Sword now on YouTube!