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Surreal GM-fluid RPG inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick
A micro-rpg about weird and dark small towns
Ever wanted to be a smuggler on Dune? Now you can!
A Zine Game About Hunting Monsters
For the hardest of hard sci-fi or science fantasy games
A micro-rpg about neon-tinged science fantasy
A little “What’s So Cool...” game of market stalls, village intrigues, archery contests, and chatty NPCs
An injury and conflict rules module for "What's So Cool About Outer Space?"
A simple #WSCAJam game about being a wizard and having adventures!
What's So Bad About Spontaneous Teratomorphism?
a space fantasy travel guide
You are a toy. Go on adventures, be kind to your fellow toys, stave off existential despair. Written for #WSCAJam
A Plunderlight: Rekindled Appetizer
A #wscajam game about queer and neurodiverse teenagers running from the devil.
a #WSCAJam game about jedi, sith, and the force.
A simple rules-light TTRPG about cats!
A game about not bein apart of it for "What Is So Cool About Jam"
A game about surviving in an Ice Age made for #wscajam
A minimal ttrpg about being thirteen Vikings sailing for adventure and VALHALLA
A #wscajam Game about Time Travel
A hack of What's So Cool About Outer Space? for the What's So Cool About Jam.
An analogue RPG created for the What Is So Cool About Jam
A game about sapient jam jars trying to escape their creator!
A game about old heroes coming out of retirement
A WSCA Space Hack for Superhero Melodrama now on YouTube!