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The Wyrd of Stromgard PDF and printable playbooks.
Lo-Fi Space Vikings
A Solo, One-Page Nordic Rogue-Lite Adventure Where You Explore New Lands (and Sack Them!)
A 9 Lives to Valhalla Adventure
100 NPCs for use with the Ironsworn RPG
Story driven 2+ player ttrpg, cast the dice, reveal the story
Age of Winters is a Viking themed TTRPG inspired by the debut album of the same name by The Sword.
A Death Metal Viking Cat scenario for 9 Lives to Valhalla
Class of northern tradition and spiritual power for D&D5e
A game poem for one warrior Prince and a group of loyal followers by Chiara Locatelli
The dead have risen...time to grab your axe and handle business, viking style.
Lightweight Viking Age hack for Blades in the Dark
Viking Fantasy D20 RPG
A simple board game played by the Vikings of the Great Lakes
A System Agnostic Brace of Scenarios set in a mystical Viking Denmark of the year 1000
The new Viking themed RPG from W.R.K.S Games. Play as one of eight character classes. What will your saga be?
Violent Viking drama in a world of the Norsemen's greatest fears in this TTRPG
OSR Supplement for Age of Moloch
Using Two Decks of cards and 2-4 players, claim a small Island for your viking clan!
A premium adventure module for the Jordenheim RPG now on YouTube!