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A turn-based game mechanic is the opposite of a real-time game mechanic. In a Turn-By-Turn mechanic (synonym), each player has to wait for the other to have played, so that they can play, and so on. This way, each player has the time to think about their strategy. TBT games rely less on action than real-time games.

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a medical rescue game of saving lives for one player
a game about ecosystems that is not remotely educational
a single-page cyberpunk board game for 2-4 players
Play as a tech CEO and try to break out of The Simulation
solo turn-based strategy game
Deep tactics, max fun and flexibility. This is Hexagonal Wars!
freestyle an epic poem & twist people's words
A physical-digital survival card game.
PaperJam Tabletop Game
Board game which programmer versus bug
Survive Poseidon's wrath
A 2-player rule set for a standard deck of playing cards
a drafting sports game for two players
W34R 7H3 CR0WN
Real Time Strategy Base Building, But Now With Turns
A Deck Building Game of Heroes for Hire
Sabotage your fellow robots in this anti-deck building game!
Fantasy role playing game for awareness for blind people
A fast paced game of Magical Mayhem. Battle other pixelated wizards in this easy to learn game.
A card game that gives an insight into the common struggles and difficulties associated with being homeless.
5 to 12 players searching romance !
Construction, coopération and ice-creams eating !
A Physical Interpretation of Pyre's Rite Games
Um jogo de tabuleiro Print and Play para divertir toda a familia.
A card game for you and your friends!