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excessive footnotes / killing the author / woes in translation
An apocalyptic keepsake game
Find yourself in purgatory before He does.
Fae guardians face a vampiric incursion and tragedy
a tragic romance game for two players
But that all happened long ago, and now there are none who remember it
A solo game about loving a malicious monarch.
Create the world, and then destroy it.
A robot searching for identity in the post-Anthropocene
A game about video game characters
playable poem-games about Greek heroines
A tragic role-playing game for two
Play the Heirs of a fragmented realm, in this tragic game of high drama
Pal around and cause trouble -- on purpose -- in this Troika! compatable mini hexcrawl.
A GMless, diceless game of tragedy and death across the ages, set around a dark and sinister, cursed millpool.
you will not save the world
The GMless storygame of Gothic Horror and Shakespearean Tragedy.
A Zelda-inspired tragic rpg for 3-6 players.
Muslim Knights sworn to defend Islamic Spain at the beginning of the Crusades.
A short microrpg for two players, about a duel and a death.
a short narrative tragedy game for two gunslingers
A GM-less Mecha Tragedy
tragic stories about the fall of a magical kingdom
A one-player gmless RPG about fighting a monster, and dying a monster.
a story game about a doomed voyage
a GMless tragedy about the dawn of civilization
A live action roleplaying game of mind bending horror. now on YouTube!