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All Rules of Mörk Borg Condensed on a sheet
a campfire narrative game
A revisit of the four classic classes for Cairn RPG
Alternative rules and additional content compatible with MÖRK BORG
A rules cheat sheet for Ultraviolet Grasslands' SEACAT rules
Your team gets stronger... the world gets weirder!
A reference card for the optional rule in Mork Borg.
Additional rules for Bastards. Pearlescent
a set of rules for designing games
TTRPG rules for building and developing legendary characters through skill usage.
Pour jouer en solitaire à Trophée sombre
Turn the classic boardgames you've got into new games you'll love
A ttrpg tool for valuing goods and services.
Make a bargain with the devil you don't know.
A supplement for "A one in a million chance at adventure"
A one-page ttprg rules kit and MOSAIC Strict module.
Optional rules to decide when a character should be improved.
An optional damage modifier system for 5E
MOSAIC Strict mechanics for resolving detective and psychic themed investigations.
Miniature skirmish game of mecha battle action
A stand-alone magic system for your ttrpg
Relive the heroic past with this classic wargame
A rules lite, hopepunk, spaghetti, alternative western rpg.
A compendium of expansion content to be used with the STAR WARS QUEST RPG Rulebook
Created for the One Page RPG Game Jam
Alternative rules for Potions and Size class for Pathfinder First Edition!
Exactly what it says on the tin. Free to use.
A Pamphlet RPG of deadly expeditions into the Far Lands Below
Une aide de jeu pour Medium Aevum
Ideas for Short Encounters and Scenarios for Fantasy RPGs now on YouTube!