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Taking place after a huge catastrophe (eg. man made or natural disaster). See also the more political theme dystopian.

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Maximum Apocalypse Gothic Horrors Expansion
Maximum Apocalypse Expansion
Jurassic Perils Expansion for Maximum Apocalypse
hyper-rushed upload of my funny little mutant game
A Beginner's Roleplaying Game
pun with friends across the post-apocalyptic hellscape
Dive into post-apocalyptic adventure with the Mutant Epoch Quick Start Rules!
A tabletop RPG set in modern demon apocalypse.
Hub Rules Book for a Post-Apocalyptic Tabletop RPG in PDF format by William McAusland
Adventure TME-1 for The Mutant Epoch Tabletop RPG
Adventure TME-2 for The Mutant Epoch Tabletop RPG