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Mountain adventure for one player / Górska przygoda dla jednej graczki
a solo lyric game.
A pre-historic post-ironic RPG
A collection of Micro RPGs that fit on an index card or phone.
Micro Skirmish Game
A sewer-crawl adventure taking place under a burning city.
Tables for generating landscapes, cities, NPCs, quests, and more. (A6, one page)
A Collection of Two-Word RPGs and LARPs
A linguistic dungeon crawl OSR TTRPG
A narrative-led tabletop roleplaying game within a quaint coastal fantasy setting
A storytelling game about ghosts trying to move on. Submitted to the #pleasurecardrpg business card RPG game jam.
Two people, a beach, a stone and endless stories
A micro-RPG about being at the bottom of the food chain
A solo rpg about speaking words into the past.
With only musket and bayonet in hand, you must stay together to stay alive as strange things stalk you through the night
A solo game of ciphers and secrets to play while reading where your book is the key.
An indoor adventure for MÖRK BORG
Taste the blood of the gods.
Adventure awaits! A business-card-sized, card-themed TTRPG.
Micro idea with some random table to use in fantasy setting. System agnostic.
It's 1976. As part of a fishing trawler crew, you must brave Icelandic territorial waters to get the fish Britain needs.
Nightmare creatures are invading reality, but don't worry, you have superpowers! If only you knew how to use them...
A little bookmark game to play while you read.
Tiny adventure for tiny adventurers. The border between life and death.
The USCSS Montero has received orders from Weyland-Yutani to divert. You must comply, but not everyone will survive.
A micro rpg set in deep space.
Pizza shop owners of NYC must put aside their differences to fight the rising menace of the Calzone!
Rock Paper Scissors But Final
You are merdwarves who value romance above all things. Go on adventures and write odes to your beloved!
A NeoScum Fan-Game for Eleni's Birthday
You are a crack team of zombie commandos. You have the brawn, but the real question you have the right brain?
Travel through the melodious realms of the Musical Multiverse, watching your pitch while trying to achieve harmony.
a micro RPG to help make new acquaintances at a con
Business card-sized GM Emulator
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