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lowtech heavy metal cyberpunk ttrpg
compiled expanded content for Cybermetal 2012 RPG
Fantasy mechs in the dark metal world of Mörk Borg
A collection of chess themed enemies for MÖRK BORG
Brutal Survival in a Drowned World
Random tables, misery and torture, weapons and armor, runic powers, so many teeth, too many cvltists!
A roleplaying game about the power of music, compatible with Mörk Borg
UVG-compatible RPG adventure about capturing a giant flying head inspired by Zardoz.
Alternate Miseries for a funkier apocalypse.
A Mörk Borg adventure, set in a scenario plagued by a contagious disease.
a Lasers & Feelings hack, you're a heavy metal band in space
You had a dream. Now it's your destiny.
A majestic and wretched class for Mörk Borg
The City on the Edge of All Misery for MÖRK BORG
Robots Versus Hell
You're not yet dead, prove it with this encouraging IRL game
Use Metal. Stop the Cultists. Save the World.
This Band Sucks! A Shitty Band, Their Tour Bus Dungeon, and d4 Reasons to Give a Fuck. Cy_Borg ttRPG!
A One-Page RPG about fighting against THE MAN!
A homebrew monster for Mörk Borg
Death metal-inspired traits, weapons and more!
A cursed monster for Mörk Borg
A 4d20 Character generator to smash the system in a game of dystopian future
Venture forth through a cold, dead land once teeming with life to try and find your to save your planet
A stoner metal sci-fi RPG
A free supplement to the tabletop RPG known as Mörk Borg.
A heavy metal inspired 5e supplement for all those players headbanging at the table.
Pour jouer des Yog-Sothotherie avec le système Métal
1980s hair metal, sci-fi, conspiracy and horror collide in this one-sheet RPG
a roleplaying game addition
The shittiest show on earth, for MÖRK BORG.
Epic Metal Space Fantasy - Where heroes become legends now on YouTube!