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100 new magic items for old school roleplaying
gewgaws and gizmos for Troika!
5 magic crafting items for 5e
Monsters, Spells, and Magic Items for 5e
thirteen magic items from the slain dragon's hoard
10 more magic swords for Mausritter game
A Mayfield supplement about the magic of mysterious charms
A d66 table of miracles and curiosities.
A Mystical Martial Artist class for Shadowdark RPG
An OSR mini zine about a wizard's collection of magic birds.
a minizine of animal spirit charms
A rad collection of odd magical items for the thrifty adventurer. Caveat emptor.
System Agnostic - A key of iron and bone grants its bearer unique abilities.
A Mystical Martial Artist Class for Shadowdark RPG
Create engaging 5E magic items that grow with your players!
A sourcebook of system agnostic magical items for use in your tabletop games
A community-sourced list of items for Old-School Essentials, or any other OSR game
First delivery of a weekly series of magic items by a whimsical wizard.
A brand new class with brand new mechanics for 5th edition
A sentient magic item for D&D 5E
Catalogue of the Accursed and Arcane, Spring 22
This Week's Magic Items: Flower Wand, Singing Sword, Wonder Egg, and Hair Bead of Style.
This week's item: Crystal Loupe, Egg of Flight, Remember Magic Ring, and Blood Whetstone
A "useless" Magic Item to: See all your party as animal villagers.
This week: Ax of Abandon, Riverstone, Quickchange Ring, and Winking Mask of Mischief
Over 2 dozen magic items for D&D 5e.
This week: Iron Boots, Pink Rabbit Ears, Rainbow Crystal, and Potion of Muscles
This weeks magic items: Anywhere Chair, Full Blast Wand, Ring of Spell-Gifting, and Vial of Troll Blood.
A new subclass plus supporting equipment for bards in D&D 5E
This weeks magic items: Green Blade, Morning Egg, Lava Boots, and Throw-That-Blow-Back Shield now on YouTube!