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A two person RPG about writing letters and surviving unspeakable horrors.
A megastore, the biggest of boxes, and you cannot seem to find an exit no matter how many floors you descend.
A free pen and paper RPG to accompany Sunless Skies and Sunless Sea
Take back your place of employment from a metaphysical emergency in this TTRPG one-shot, inspired by Control and SCP.
A lovecraftian book-hunting TTRPG.
#EllipsesRPG makes tabletop role-playing more accessible than ever--get playing within 15 minutes!
A TTRPG where you may survive The Darkness through your dexterity and precision.
A cozy little mystery on a rain-soaked island
LO-FI Hunting Horror with the 24XX System
A role-playing game project, that provides instantly usable game-enhancing supplements.
A mystery zine of cosmic and corporate horror for Liminal Horror
solo horror ttrpg based on Lovecraft's Dagon and Firelights SRD
A Lovecraft-Inspired solo journaling game.
A Rules-Lite, Rogue-Like Horror TTRPG inspired by the works of Junji Ito & World of Horror.
A storytelling game of creeping cosmic horror.
A solo TTRPG about discovering the awful truth.
The stars are right for Great Cthulhu's return. It's up to you (to travel through time) to make them wrong again.
A Classic Investigative Horror TTRPG
Cthulhu Dark, le jeu de rôles en français
An Introductory Solitaire Adventure for Call of Cthulhu
Classic, Cosmic & Pulp Horror Tabletop RPG
weird mythos investigation
Step into cosmic body horror and ego death
A supplement for Little Town
Third issue of the Delta Green fanzine
Solo cosmic horror campaign for Quill
A Lovecraft-themed expansion for the Breakfast Cult RPG.
An eldritch space crawl
Norse heroes fight eldritch gods using runes and patron's blessings
2nd Metempsychosis mini-expansion, making the gameplay longer and more complex
Seventh Edition Quickstart Rules and ready-to-play adventure, "The Haunting"
99 Miseries for Cthork Borg.
The "Bride" is a full day campaign for any Lovecraftian RPG's. It's in hungarian language only.
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