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A GM-less RPG about goblins going on adventures, and the trouble that follows.
Quick, create a distraction!
A one page RPG: Gather a crew, assemble a ship, and KOBOLDLY GO! where no lizard has gone before!
A bookmark-sized game about Cool Kobolds
​An expansion to Goblin Country about exploration, magic, and trying to live below tyranny.
A Tricksy Class for OSE
A Brief Zine about a Small Folk
69 new spells, including Detect Poisson and Disease, Power Word: Krill, and Wall of Horse
Together or not at all
A playbook for Dungeon World about being a "monster"
Create networks of kobold warrens with these simple tables
A One-Page RPG based off of "The Lucky Die" Podcast.
A modular dungeon pamphlet for Old-school Essentials
Manage a small church of Kobolds through the challenges of dogma and community.
Additional 121 statted adversaries for the TTRPG, KOBOLDS IN SPACE!
Kill villagers as kobolds stacked on top of each other
TTRPG about kobolds in a trench coat now on YouTube!