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An online-optimized character sheet for Old-School Essentials & B/X games in English & Italian
A fucking vengeful undead, questing for fucking revenge.
A complete Google Sheets character sheet for Lamentations of the Flame Princess
An online character sheet for Knave in English & Italian
un jeu d'aventures archéologiques / a game of archeological adventures
ttrpg about a battle with a chess game (english and french)
50% minimalist rpg 50% pictionary (english version)
wild west extension of Sonja &Conan vs the Ninjas
A small creature zine for Mausritter.
A hexcrawl for exploring the Afterlife
Une créature et un mystère pour vos jeux de chasse aux monstres
Une créature et un mystère pour vos jeux de chasse aux monstres
Role-playing game depicting the events of "La Desbandá", which took place during the Spanish Civil War.
A print-n'-play card game celebrating ungentlemanly conduct.
A Cy_Borg 2 page Zine containing Fungal themed enemies and items
A role-playing game about being queer and leaving your old life behind
“University of Tulsa CSG 1003: Game Design Challenge 01”
One page RPG in the merciless world of American Highschools (teen movie vibe) with stuff (location, NPCs, scenes, etc.)
An online character sheet for Mothership - Sci-Fi Horror RPG now on YouTube!