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a d100 system in 2 pages by Kobayashi
Our base universal RPG system
One of your players rolled a 4 – how are you going to describe what just happened? Look no further.
Robots, golems, cybernetics, bionics and more.
Suitable for almost any fantasy game or system!
Random table for CY_BORG or cyperpunk TTRPGs
a one-page zine that is also a weird western TTRPG system
Learn the arcane arts of runic magic
100 gender options for you or your character
All that glisters is not gold— Often have you heard that told.
Random names, honorifics and origins for gothic-inspired settings
Random names, aliases and serial numbers for sci-fi and cyberpunk settings
Un gioco OSR di razziatori e tesori
The Survival Horror RPG
A D100 list of dubious philosophies and aesthetic movements inspired by the works of Raymond Queaneau
A distilled take on the classic percentile system.
A game about playing on a weird golf course
A table for strange musical styles
Sci-fi RPG of scavengers looking for riches on a ruined world.
Choose wisely: The Light, or the Dark?
The RPG where runic magic is brought to life
Forge your own faction
All the Sigil mods combined
Blood Magic and Necromancy
A stupid hack of a game, made for confusing but customizable RPG-gaming.
an experimental toolbox rpg engine based on computerized rng functions
1981 Style Multi-Genre d100 RPG (based on Chaosium's BRP system)
a resolution persistence map
A pretty-minimal, but w/ some crunch TTRPG framework for running AWESOME adventure stuff.
D100 Ship Encounters for Mothership
A SLEDGEHAMMER hack for playing as beefy witches with hammers.
Version simpliste du système classique
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