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An adventure game about characters exploring a dark, mysterious Wood.
A weird west wanders adventure game
A pastoral forest adventure for old school roleplaying
A dungeon crawl inspired by The Island of Dr. Moreau. Compatible with Cairn and DURF.
Expand your Cairn (or other OSR) experience with diegetic character choices and meaningful decisions!
A rules-light Old School-inspired RPG, focused on simple mechanics, player agency, and low prep
Explora un bosque sombrío y misterioso lleno de gente extraña, tesoros ocultos y monstruosidades indescriptibles.
A Mark of the Odd Sword & Sorcery Dungeon Crawling RPG
Can you survive to escape the city?
A party-crawl adventure for Cairn.
A pen-and-paper adventure module of sun-soaked horror. Compatible with Old-School Essentials and Cairn..
Now available to pre-order!! Eco-punk rules-light near-future adventure Marked by the Odd
A setting and adventure for Cairn and OSE
A dungeon, village and forest for Forgotten Ballad and Cairn
A rules-lite TTRPG
Procedural quests for Cairn
Snowy pointcrawl exploration adventure for Cairn
A fairytale module for the Cairn adventure game
A Companion for the Spellburn and Battlescars' GMs
A short adventure for Cairn
Pocket-sized system neutral woodland horror
A megastore, the biggest of boxes, and you cannot seem to find an exit no matter how many floors you descend.
A dark forest adventure site for Cairn
Quest through a mythic realm of perilous beauty in this sandbox campaign setting for old-school tabletop RPGs.
A Picaresque Adventure Game
An adventure for Cairn
A Mark of the Odd, multisystem campaign framework.
Bestiary for 24XX, Into the Odd/Cairn, Knave & Troika
Quick character equipment packages modeled on classic adventure tropes.
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