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Tabletop role-playing game

Also known as TTRPG, tabletop role-playing games are tabletop games when you play a character within a set of rules. Typically actions are determined by speech and checked for success via dice rolls.

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Explore everything else tagged Tabletop role-playing game on Also known as TTRPG, tabletop role-playing games are tabletop games when you play a character within a set of rules. Typ · Upload your everything else to to have them show up here.

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Some tips on tricks on how to create your TTRPG, as well as some useful resources
Templates and Guides for Blades Fan Creations
A homebrew setting supplement for LANCER with new mechs, rules, and a setting guide for a campaign.
A rules-lite generic/universal RPG
A whole project structure in a zip file
Generates a portrait and details for an NPC in an oldschool low-magic fantasy setting.
Run in browser
A tabletop RPG about world-crossing adventures, near-apocalypses, and losing your friends.
A Mini Hex Crawl Written for Vast Grimm
A supplement for NOVA (free version available!)
Brainstorm all the things you need for a sandbox campaign in just one evening!
Legible maps that look isometric but really aren't.
One page of handy links for first-time designers.
A method for running labyrinths and mazes without a map for your TTRPGs
A homebrew supplement for LancerRPG centered on the glory of tournament combat and the trials of the arena.
A case-sensitive font for easily creating ciphers!
A deep delve into the NeoScum universe
A tabletop RPG game where floating skulls defend their dungeon from wannabe heroes.
Portrait Pack contains 6 high-quality portraits of Half-Orcs to use for rpg characters.
A Lasers and Feelings hack for playing Paranoia
Easy-to-follow guide for creating TTRPG dungeons!
A Homestuck DND 5E addon/ruleset
A collection of things written for Risus daily in 2020
a SRD for The Rose System
System Reference Document
A "monster" for use with Mork Borg
Halloween special downloadable content for SKÜLLBOX
A fantasy, minimalist, story-driven PDF RPG.
Portrait Pack contains 6 high-quality portraits of devilish characters to use for rpg characters.
An Eclipse Phase-Lancer crossover setting guide
three emotional safety tools for playing TTRPGs online
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