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A Dice rolling program
A world in a deck of cards.
Printable polyhedra for dice crafting and use in TRPGs
A solo TTRPG about exploring a home and documenting the things you find there.
A six-page minizine with ~spoopy~ interpretations for the roll of a six-sided die.
29 Hand Drawn Maps & 229 Tokens for online TTRPGs
Useful tools and resources to use while playing Pocket Bite RPG
Create your own dice tower with these plans. All you need is a laser engraving machine and used cardboard box.
A (fan-made) random generator for Hard Wired Island, about doing jobs for various rewards.
PPDA's exclusive dice tower
trully random team composition
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D6 using video game controller buttons
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An app to help rolling dice (and especially attacks) in Cyberpunk 2020
Little D&D inspired piece of art
Brico-rol , para tus dados , para ti
A simple, continuous dice roller, for convenience playing TTRPGs
A deep, mnemonic Last Christmas survival game for 1-4 players
A simple TTRPG about being a Dark Lord and defeating the forces of good for 1-3 players!
A simple 3D RPG dice roller.
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A ludicrously over-elaborate Magic 8 Ball
Your moves are diced!
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Solver algorithm
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pretty click clacks
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D6 tables for ttrpgs made during October 2023 for Inktober
The royalty of a kingdom have gone missing and their only hopes are their noble steads.
A simple dice and roleplay page template, experiment
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A one room dungeon entrance for tabletop roleplaying
A Dungeon World Adventure
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bot to play against in any Memoir '44 scenario via a fixed recipe.
(or "could I BE any deader")
Dice Icons I use in Games I Make now on YouTube!