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3D fractals exploration game
Be a wyrm. Go on, be a wyrm.
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Sci-Fi Themed Ambient Environmental Sound Program
a small study for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds
Explore Kids Speculative Evolution Drawings!
You shall pass on the Patata Non Grata
Drown yourself in noise.
A quick experiment made with Twine
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An "Emily is Away" Spin-Off Interactive Story
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A meditative web experience created in Unity.
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tropical screensaver
A 3D version of the XKCD comic 'Money' (
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A contemplative experience about a sculpture of Gauguin
The Code snipped for rendering bitmap fonts in game TIC - tiny computer
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A Study in Procedural Generation and Generative Music
A collaborative virtual environment designed to enable meetings from distance.
A manifesto about the ways we hurt each other.
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generates cyberpunk corporations and logos, part of the upcoming Black Ice
A quick experiment for Planet Generation for PROCJAM 2017.
An open source world generation project for #procjam
screensaverjam entry
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ساعد احمد في العثور على اخته الضائعة في الغابة وتخلص من الاعداء
- or down?
Screensavers & homework, together at last
A visual experience - NSFW
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