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Create cool-ish meshes and networks really fast
3D fractals exploration game
Sci-Fi Themed Ambient Environmental Sound Program
Be a wyrm. Go on, be a wyrm.
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a small study for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds
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You shall pass on the Patata Non Grata
A quick experiment made with Twine
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An environment I have created based around the theme of snow.
A Study in Procedural Generation and Generative Music
A collaborative virtual environment designed to enable meetings from distance.
A manifesto about the ways we hurt each other.
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Just a screensaver in a synthwave aesthetic
Want to learn about Zika in VR?
An open source world generation project for #procjam
screensaverjam entry
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tropical screensaver
Explore Kids Speculative Evolution Drawings!
Ambient sound design for scene in Unity.
ساعد احمد في العثور على اخته الضائعة في الغابة وتخلص من الاعداء
An "Emily is Away" Spin-Off Interactive Story
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A meditative web experience created in Unity.
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generates cyberpunk corporations and logos, part of the upcoming Black Ice
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