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I've never touched a ZX Spectrum... but I love the idea

A topic by jasonmcleod created May 23, 2017 Views: 188 Replies: 4
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I'm interested in joining this jam, but I have no experience with ZX Spectrum Basic :)

I have done some things in pico-8, and work full time as a javascript developer so these things should help me out.. but I have so much to learn, and that part is exciting. :D 
I spend a lot of time writing stuff in qbasic way back, so I'm sure to have an overwhelming amount of nostalgia power me through.

Should I spend time experimenting with something like this: https://www.worldofspectrum.or...
or does that go against the spirit of the code jam? I'll certainly be tinkering with straight up basic, but wondering if an "engine" is more or less cheating for this event.



Even if our gracious host decides to allow it, something like the Bifrost engine is rather advanced stuff. Better stick to what you can learn from, say, the BASin manual for now in my opinion.


I want keep it only BASIC related so that beginners have a chance to create something within the timeframe :)


+1 for BASin.   This is what I'm using for my entry.  Easy to set up, and an easier working environment that a physical Spectrum, but still well within the rules.  Though I'll drag out a real one to test the final results.

FWIW, I hadn't touched Sinclair BASIC in 30+ years,  but it's pretty easy to pick up again.  It is after all, BASIC!

Initial tests suggest that my game is going to have to be even more simple than I expected, such are the limitations on BASIC.  Perhaps a fast action game wasn't the best choice... Never mind, I'll justify the slowness somehow in the back-story. :-)

Thanks everyone, I'll check out BASin :)