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Basic Rules for Game Jam?

A topic by PyrrhaIphis created Sep 07, 2020 Views: 476 Replies: 5
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Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question, but this is my first Game Jam, so I'm not sure how some of the basic details work.

Do we have to wait to start working on the game until the jam starts, or can we start right away?

I have never made a game before (I will probably be doing a text adventure in TWINE, as I am almost exclusively a writer) so if possible I wanted to get a head start in working out how to transform the opening of my novel into a piece of lightly interactive fiction, but I don't want to accidentally "cheat" if we're supposed to wait until October.  I believe the story should qualify for the jam:  though they live in the Late Bronze Age (well, the Heroic Age, more accurately, as it is about 20 years after the Trojan War) and therefore don't have the terminology available to them to understand/discuss their sexuality the way we do, one of the two heroines is aroace, and the other one is in denial about being in love with the first one.  (The novel is not yet published, in case that would give any pause or alarm.  I have spent the last few days doing some background work preparatory to working on the next (hopefully near-final) draft, and when I came across this I thought it might be a good way to get me thinking about the story from some different angles, particularly since the suppressed romantic feelings are something I wanted to communicate more clearly in future drafts.)

I apologize if I should be asking this question elsewhere, but as I do not have Discord, this seemed the best place to ask.


This jam isn't a contest, so I don't mind if people begin early. Go ahead and start working on your project if you like!


On a related note, if I had submitted an incomplete version of a game to a previous yuri game jam, would it be okay to submit a finished version here?


Yes, that's allowed!


From what I've seen it's completely fine to set out ideas, plans, sketches, drafts and so on ahead of the start date. The idea is you produce the final assets during the jam period but of course since the creative process is full of constant reiteration it's impossible to really draw a line between one phase and the other.